Blog | Can Öncü winning three of four in Assen and the Sachsenring

Can Öncü Sachsenring


İ'm Can Öncü from the Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup.

Assen was very good for me because I made 2 times 1st position in the races.

And it was very important for me because of championship.

İn Assen I was very worried because I crash in QP and I was very scared because maybe somebody would pass me in QP.... but nobody passed me so I was very happy.

İn Race 1 I made a very bad start and some riders passed me so for some laps I was not first. Then I said, 'come on boy, now you have to push and win the race,' and I did that, I pushed and won the race.

İn Race 2 the first laps were perfect and then all the laps were perfect. I made a very clean race.

İn Sachsenring I was on pole position. Man also that is why I was very happy. In the first race Kevin Orgis and Deniz Öncü were flying so I said, 'OK don't go soooo fast, just finish the race and take some points.' So that is what I did and I took 3rd.

With that race I became the championship leader so I was very happy and I was with my brother on the podium, that was really like my best moment of my life. It was perfect, I was position 3 but I was happy because of my brother and because I was the championship leader.

İn Race 2 it was a little hard but nice race. İt was a very close race but in the last laps I was a very little bit faster than the others and I could win. Again that was very good as they were very fast.

Now I have to make much harder training and think about the next races. We have had our Birthday yeeeee!! and have had a little fun!

See you at the next race in Brno

Good luck everyone,


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