Blog | Billy Van Eerde putting in his first ride on a Moto3 and a lot of hard work

Billy Van Eerde

Hi Everyone,

During the off season I have been training hard to do my best for this year's Red Bull Rookies Cup.

A few weeks ago my parents and I travelled 2000km to Townsville to say good bye to my family before I head overseas to Asia and Europe in March. Was lucky to get a weeks training in with Strand CrossFit to keep my fitness up. It was different training but I enjoyed it a lot.

I have also been doing some motocross here and there trying to get in as much riding as I can before I leave.

This was the first ride on a Moto 3 at Eastern Creek Sydney 3 weeks ago. Last week I went to Sepang International Circuit for the Idemitsu Asia Talent Cup Test. It was a good test for me, getting in a lot of riding time and learning more and more about a Moto 3 machine and meeting new friends.

I am really looking forward to the test in Jerez and will continue to work hard.

See you all soon.

Billy Van Eerde

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