Blog | Beatriz Neila enjoyed the test and is determined to be back in action soon

Beatriz Neila Aragon Test

Hi everyone,

Two weeks ago we finished the first tests of the Red Bull Rookies Cup in Aragon.

The first day was very nice, as they gave us all the official clothes for the season, all the Alpinestars material and the Schuberth helmets.

I love my new equipment

The second day was the first time I got on this bike, I felt very good with these new sensations and I was learning little by little and every time I felt much better.

The third day I got on the KTM for the second time and this time I did differently since with the wet track they were new sensations but although I had to adapt to those conditions I was very happy with what I learned

Learning from the wet track

The fourth day was just for photos, interviews and briefings. It was very fun and for me a very nice and spectacular experience.

Enjoying the day

And to finish with the week the last day we did a race rehearsal, very professional and amazing. After this we did training sessions in which I was already taking confidence in the KTM and I felt better adapted to it

The bad thing this week was the lack of two laps at the end of the round when in the second corner of the circuit, the back wheel lost stability and unbalanced the handlebars. I couldn't do anything to avoid the strong blow with the wall, leaving signs of rupture of the nose, radius, femur and pelvis. This fall made me miss the simulated race.

Enjoying the KTM

Overcoming this scare now I am recovering to reach the next race in the best possible way. I want to thank all the members of the Red Bull Rookies Cup for giving me this opportunity and thanks also for your help.

See you soon!!

This year I'm going to learn a lot!!


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