Blog | Barry Baltus training in France, Italy and Spain

Barry Baltus

Hello everybody,

As you can imagine, it is cold in Belgium during the winter. That's why I decided to go to France and Italy to do my first trainings of 2018 in order to prepare myself for the Red Bull Rookies Cup!

At the end of January, I made an Enduro training in France. I discovered the Enduro two years ago and it is a discipline that offers incredible sensations but is also very demanding physically, especially this time because I trained in the sand. (Main Photo) This training allowed me to work on my physical condition. I hope that one day I could take part to the Enduropal in Le Touquet and confront myself with the best riders.

Two weeks later, in mid-February, I traveled to Italy, Abruzzo, to do a Supermotard training with Fred Fiorentino, fourth-time champion of the Superbiker in Mettet, Belgium. The goal of this three days of training was to perfect my technique. It was the first time that I drove on the international circuit of Abruzzo. This internship taught me a lot and also allowed me to prepare myself for the new season of the Red Bull Rookies Cup!

And of course, I also made speed bike trainings with a KTM during the CEV testdays organized on the circuit of Almeria and Valencia in Spain. These test days went great with very good chonos!

Next time, I'll also tell you about the new dirt track private circuit that my parents installed behind our house !

See you soon,


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