Blog | Barry Baltus back to school and fully prepared for the last round in Aragon

Barry Baltus

Hi everybody,

So far September has been a busy month. It started with a new school year. I started my second year in high school and for now, everything is going well. It's not always easy to combine school with top-level sport but I will do everything to succeed!


Then, I went to the Misano World Circuit Marco Simoncelli for the MotoGP Red Bull Rookies Cup. This was the first time I rode on this circuit. I quickly learned the circuit but I didn't manage to get close to the leading group. In the penultimate round, I made a high side and I fell. Fortunately, I was not hurt.


I hope to do better this weekend in Aragon fort he last round of the MotoGP Red Bull Rookies Cup and I trained hard for that with my coach.


I did some mental imagery and I trained at the gym to do the different turns of the circuit.

I feel ready to face the last round of the season and I hope to stay in the top 10 overall and even return to 8th place ! Gazzzzz


See you soon,


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