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Ayumu Sasaki - 佐々木歩夢

Hi All,

I was training last weekend!

On Saturday, I had a great training with Mr Aoyama. He organised motocross bike training for me and my friends Ryusei who is also participating in the Asia Talent Cup this year with me.

It was the first time to try a motocross course with small jump for me because usually I was going to flat track training so that I haven't had much experience this type of bike.

At first, I was very confused because the sand was not same as the place where I go often. So I crashed a lot and doing jumps is very crazy and difficult to control with my bike. But Mr Aoyama led and taught earnestly to us so that I could have fun with safety and at last I could ride very well also had good laps time.

On Sunday, I went to the flat track course as usual and had fun with my local friends!

I'm really happy and appreciate Mr Aoyama giving me a great opportunity! Also thanks a lot my father that he is always supporting and maintaning a bike for my practice on weekends.

For now I am ready for the first race of "Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup"

I hope I can tell you about the race in Jerez with good result on my blog!

See you soon!

Ayumu Sasaki 佐々木歩夢

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