Blog | Ayumu Sasaki 佐々木歩夢 Happy with Sachsenring podium

Ayumu Sasaki 佐々木歩夢

Hi everyone,

The 1st race was quit good and I battled for 1st with 4 riders until the checker flag.

In the last lap at the last corner, I tried to pass Bo but it was impossible for me to stay inside him and I finished with 2nd position.

In the 2nd race I crashed on the first lap. That day was a bit cold and the tires were not hot enough to go full speed. Unfortunately this result was not what I expected but as you know sometimes it happens.

Overall this weekend was great for me because I could get a good result and I could learn a lot and I'm getting faster step by step. I got confidence from this and the next race will be in Malaysia, the ATC. So try my best and keep on the podium.

Thank you for your all support.

See you soon,

Ayumu Sasaki

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