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Ayumu Sasaki 佐々木歩夢 Misano

Hi everyone,

It was a great weekend for the 11th round in Misano Italy

My feeling to ride a bike was great from the first practice and I had a big confidence for the race.

In the QP, I had try to find the best setting and finished with third position.

After the Qualify, I had strategy how to get the best result thinking of the race the next day.

In the race, I mistook the start and slipped back to 11th position. I passed riders one by one but when I came back to 6th position, the front group was 2 seconds away from me. It took time to catch them.

4 laps to go, I could finally catch the front and battle for the podium. Overall I finished with 3rd and on the podium but quite as good as the result I expected because my feeling was great.

But I learned from that a lot and for sure I won't never make the same mistake. I will be well prepared for the last race in Aragon.

Can't wait for the last race in the Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup!!!

See you!
Ayumu Sasaki #71 佐々木 歩夢

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