Blog | Ayumu Sasaki training hard in the heat in Guam

Ayumu Sasaki in training

Hi everyone!

I came to Guam Island which is in Pacific Ocean to participate in a training camp 10 days ago. It takes 4 hours from Japan by plane. The climate is warm throughout the year so it is very popular among the athletes of Japan who want to have training during the winter.

The training program is tough for me but I work out hard, swimming, running and cycling.

Mr Kamata, who is my trainer, said that the most important for me is to get endurance capacity. So I follow him and believe in his knowledge which has been built by experience as an expert strength coach for motor sport.

I will stay 5 more days and feel I am getting strong already.

I can't wait to have the preseason test at Jerez and meet the riders of the Rookies Cup!

See you soon!


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