Blog | Ayumu Sasaki in Spain with Hiroshi Aoyama

Hi everyone,

I arrived in Barcelona for the training camp a few days ago.

Also three riders who used to be my mates in the Asia Talent Cup last seasons are coming.

This is due to backup from Dorna and Honda, we could receive a great opportunity to have training experience and also some culture in Europe from our manager Mr Puig and moreover Mr. Aoyama who has the experience of being a World Champion (2009 250cc World Champion) and is our mentor.

During the time we are staying in Spain, Mr Aoyama took us for some sightseeing and looked after us over all.

About our training, we cycled on a road that was 80km long in the morning and dirt track training riding a CRF 450cc in the afternoon.

There was information on our training camp on motogp.com so please go check it out!
See you!

Ayumu #71

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