Blog | Ayumu Sasaki on the snow and ready for hard work

Ayumu Sasaki on the snow and ready for hard work

Hi all,

A happy New Year!

I'm heading to Niigata which located the northern part of Japan to have a New Year vacation with my family. Here in Jhoetsu the international ski resort got much snow and the scenery from the top of mountain was amazing.

I'm enjoyed having snowboard and snowscoot. The snowscoot is like a bicycle which has two snowboards instead of wheels and it's difficult to sliding control and balance on steep slopes. This was second time for me but I could manage to ride it already.

Well, after finished my vacation I'm off to Guam island to participate in a training camp for two weeks.

This camp is organised by Mr Kamata who use to be HRC trainer and it's well known as a very hard training among the athletes. Not only riders but also golf players and drivers for formula car competitions are coming together. Probably I'm the youngest participant in the camp but I'll try to accomplish this program and improve my physical state and strength.

I'll catch up with you about training camp in Guam Island shortly.

See you soon!

Ayumu #71

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