Blog | Anthony gaining confidence and speed in Misano | 2013

Anthony Alonso

Hey everybody,

It’s Anthony again! I had the best weekend so far at Misano. I had a great race and a great battle. My qualifying was not so good, but I felt really confident this weekend and I knew that I could do well.

I qualified 22nd position and the race was going to be difficult for me but it gave me the opportunity to practice passing a lot of people. In the beginning of the race, I knew I had to get a good start. My start was great because I was able to stick with everybody. It all happened so fast and I got into the group that was fighting for 10th position all the way back from 16th which was me at the moment. The lap times of the first three riders were a little bit faster than the other three of us because we were fighting much more and they broke away before I could get to them. I focused on making my passes on the new group (fighting for 13th) and got to the front of the group after about 5 or 6 laps. For the rest of the race, I was trying as hard as I could to close the gap to the riders in front of me.

The final lap came up pretty fast and it was the most exciting. All looked well for me until I came out of turn 7. I ran wide on the exit and straight into the astro-turf and the actual grass! I was sliding all over but I didn’t shut-off, I just stayed wide-open. I thought I had lost some time and I needed to make it up so I tried braking late into turn 8. I ended up braking a little bit too late and I ran wide. The rider right behind me (rider 1) passed me, but I still knew some places where I could pass and I just did my best to draft him down the long straight. But the other rider behind me (rider 2) got a really good drive out of turn 8 and passed me down the straight. Rider 2 passed rider 1 on the inside into turn 12. Then, rider 1 tried to pass the rider 2 on the outside of turn 13 but they touched and rider 1 ran wide and I instantly passed him on the exit of that corner. Going into the last corner, I braked as late as I could and rider 2 ran a little wide and I got on the gas as hard as I could and right on the exit, I tucked in right away. I got right next to him and right at the line I snatched 13th position by only .004 seconds. It was so awesome.

So overall, I got my best finish of the year in 13th position. That is pretty good, but it can still be improved. My best will definitely be higher now that I know how to fix my qualifying and that I will be more confident with the bike. See you all at Motorland Aragon in two weeks time!



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