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Aleix Viu Red Bull Ring

Hello friends,

This past weekend was perfect for me. Upon arrival in Austria and looking at the Red Bull circuit I thought it would be a weekend of racing in large groups of riders. It seemed that it would be very difficult to escape during the race the other riders. From the Thursday I started studying a valid strategy for the race, as he walked through around circuit learning the track.

Coincidentally, that same afternoon I found a steam locomotive, almost perfectly. I stared, looking, thinking how that pile of iron weight was able, in time, to move large sets of wagons. The only answer I found was that from the beginning, when starting, constant and consistent all the way to manage it.

And here's the metaphor. He gave me the idea that to have a chance to win races that weekend I would be fast and most constant and regular at every turn on the circuit.

It was only to implement this strategy during the weekend.

On Friday I could see that I was very comfortable with my KTM on that circuit. I discovered there were areas on the way circuit, which was good if I could get really good lap times.

It was a perfect Friday that put me as pole sitter for both Free Practice session, and for the Qualy.

It was only then necessary to prove they were not times made only in Qualy, and get into the race in a "Locomotive" way to escape from all my rivals.

The two races were finished similarly; I passed first under the checkered flag, except that in the first heat race a position was penalised on me because I touched the red area behind the piano stripes on the run to the finish line. It really was not my intention, but when trying to defend my position against my rivals and braking late at the final turn for this purpose it led me to slide too with my KTM to touch the red piano zone.

I was also happy because I got to lead 16 of the 17 laps of the race was constituted.

I knew that the Sunday race would be a little more complicated. Many riders choose the development that I had decided to have the whole weekend, so it should be clearer when you should decide to escape them throughout Sunday's race.

Yet they knew I would have a small advantage over them: changing a development on the motorcycle at the right time of the race would give me an extra in the early laps until my rivals get used to the new development that have implemented.

Finally Sunday's race was performed as planned, and I could manage it at all times and can get a good package of points to my rivals.

Getting up in the table to second place in the championship fills me with satisfaction and makes me aware that good work always pays off.

Winning on the circuit and in the Red Bull KTM host country has been a dream come true.

The next day, I took the opportunity to visit Vienna. I was intrigued by what I could see. I take great memories from there.

Finally, I say that it was an honour to receive one of the trophies from Mick Doohan.

See you in Brno.

A big hug,

Aleix Viu
# Pollo81

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