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Aleix Viu Assen

Hello friends,

Last weekend on the TT Assen circuit was the third and fourth races of the Red Bull Rookies Cup. It has been a little complicated weekend as far as the weather is concerned.


As you know on Friday there were two runs of free practice and one of timed in which I placed in the top positions. It is true that the Qualy did not go well enough to take the pole, Assen is not my favourite circuit, but finally

I was able to place my mount in the fourth position on the starting grid just a very few tenths off the pole.

Against all weather forecast, as it was a rainy day, the race was held on Saturday in the dry. From the beginning of the race I threw all the strength that I could, but I was involved in a fight for first positions with enough rivals so that I could not prevent the pole man from comfortably escaping the rest of his adversaries.


I only had to make a good race to defend a place on the podium, which I managed by a tooth and a nail for third position.

I would have liked to take first place on the podium, but I think I made a well fought race with several opponents at the same time. I'm sure people in the audience enjoyed watching it.

Sunday was completely the opposite of what the weather forecast told us. If on Saturday rain was predicted and it didn't come then on Sunday it did rain when no one thought it would.


Fifteen minutes before the race it started raining so the whole strategy I had planned was useless. As we did the warm up laps, I could verify that the track was completely dry so it would be a little complicated to run in the dry with wet tires.

As a Cup that is, all the drivers had to run with the treaded tires. So my approach to the race was concluded in keeping the tires to the maximmum possible to be able to have the best rubber in the last third of the race.


And that I did. As soon as the start was made, all the riders pulled to the maximum to try to dominate the race from the beginning, relegating me to the ninth position in the first four laps. I was aware of this, but I knew that if I did not break the tires absurdly in the beginning defending those first positions, from the middle of the race I sure could have a better pace than the rest of my opponents.

That clearly happened. From the middle of the race I started to get back lap by lap until I was in second position.

I had already consolidated the podium. I just had to try to catch
the leader that Iwas a few seconds ahead of me. And I tried, and I could almost achieve it, because two laps from the end it rained again and I saw how having respected the tires gave me the privilege of cutting a lot of distance to the leader of the race.


I cut through a second and a half of the winner in second position. I'm happy because the strategy worked because I could do a great comeback and, if the race had lasted one more lap, I could have won the race with comfort.


I hope you enjoyed this weekend watching the races. I assure you that I did, although the end result I wish was another.

We remain leaders in the championship.

A hug, my friends.

See you in Sachsenring ...

Alex Viu
# Pollo81

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