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Aleix Viu Silverstone


Hello friends,

I cannot tell you much joy about the racing weekend Red Bull Rookies Cup which was held a week ago at the Silverstone circuit.

I returned home with a double fault, because both races I could not finish thanks to falls. Perhaps I had too heavy a desire to bring you all good news and good results at this track.

In the first race I went down during the second lap of the race, losing the front wheel completely through a fast curve. I managed to get up and restart my KTM and finished last. At least I could finish the race and I managed to do all the laps of the race to take at least home the maximum possible kilometres driven on this circuit.

Sunday's race was much more complicated. It was raining hard, and in the course of the race due to the amount of rainwater I could not read well the board with my position in the race. I believed I was in tenth or eleventh position, but the truth is that I was in seventh without knowing.

I was quite comfortable on my mount, so with five laps of the race still to go and seeing that I could reach the opponent in front of me, I decided to push a little more gas. But that got me down on the fast curve to the finish line. This time I was unable to resume the race again due to the state of mybike.

I wish to give you all better news. I know it will soon come.

Thank you for being here...

See you in Misano.

Aleix Viu
# Pollo81


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