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Aleix Viu Brno

Hello friends,

The weekend at Brno has made me think a lot. Because I really have not had the expected results; desired so much by me and by the people who follow me.

In fact, it became quite difficult to settle down on my mount. During the weekend I could not find a comfortable way to match up with my KTM, but was possibly more my fault than my motorcycle's.

In the race which took place on Saturday in the first round, I had a "highside" which made me lose many positions to the point of going back to the nineteenth position battle. I could save the fall but undeniably lost the head of the race and although I recovered to the eleventh position I could not get a better results.

In Sunday's race in the first lap I got into third place, but I could not maintain the high pace and because I did not want to fall I was gradually losing way, finally finishing in ninth place.

Returning to the beginning of this Blog, Brno has made me think a lot. In England I'll be in the top positions of the race.

Thanks to follow and cheer.


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