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Hello friends,

It's been weeks since the 2017 pre-season started for me. I'm really doing a lot of things to try to be the best prepared possible for this year, I'll explain a little:

Winter is a season of the year that I really like; Although you cannot train with the speed bike because time really does not allow it, I train through other disciplines that I also love and are accompanied by the climate we have at the moment. One of them is, for example, skiing. Always carefully, I try to take advantage of the snow season to ski. For me doing carving is a pleasure.

But not only am I skiing, of course. I've also do some Enduro/Cross.

It is a modality that I have started recently, and each time I am having more experience on the ground since the control on the motorcycle is completely different to circulating on tar.

But it's not only going on a bike, I have to prepare myself physically, too. Every week I go to the gym for 5 days to work on my body.

It's hard. When I am tired, I begin to think that all effort is worth it and that in the end comes the reward of the effort made.

Finally, also tell you that of course I try to be better every day in school.

I am looking forward to the day that I can get back to my KTM # 81, while ... I will continue to work and enjoy.

A hug, my friends,

# Pollo81

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