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Aleix Viu Brno

Hello my friends,

This past weekend have been held in the circuit of Brno races 7 & 8 of the Red Bull Rookies Cup. It has been a positive weekend if I look at it overall, but difficult in some parts if I look at it individually.

The two free practice sessions on Friday were different from each other. The first was in rain. This would serve me to break once and for all with the bad feeling I have worn in this championship when I have had to run in the rain.

We decided, my Helper (my father) and I, completely changed the settings I had taken so far in the RBRC when the track was wet and we put it into practice for that free practice. Seeing that it worked quite well, because I got a P9, something that was difficult before, we decided that was the right way to go when the track was wet.

Against all odds the second free practice was dry so I could not continue to improve my wet sensations; Not that I want it to rain, but there is nothing better than a free practice to do a good set-up of the bike and especially when you want to turn completely.

The second free practice was more or less OK. I got a third position without wanting to risk too much, because it was not worth risking to have a fall when 30 minutes later we had the QP.

The Qualy was also made in the dry. I was able to qualify in fourth position by climbing all the "walls". It is what there was.

Saturday's race I fought tooth and nail, I assure you that I brake when the devil appeared to me, it was the only way to keep the top positions. If he did not do this, he could not recover the lost positions on the uphill line, (they call it the horses' line), and on the two long straight lines.

Thus I was the whole race until in the last lap I lost the podium position in the uphill line to pass the finish line in fourth position to 2 tenths of the first classified. I really could not do anything else.

Sunday's race was scheduled to be wet but, as I suppose you know, the MotoGP race was dry. That Out It's A Little Difficult Deciding What To Put On The Bike And That Could Be Any Situation: rain, dry, medium-dry, medium-wet, ... You understand me. So seeing as the track was 30 minutes before leaving I decided to bet on a set-up dry.

Well, it was not like that. For while we were giving the reconnaissance lap to the starting grid, it started to rain hard and they told us that the race would be delayed A few minutes to give time to change the tires from dry to wet.

But of course, the set-up of the bike and its suspensions will not be changed. He knew that he is in the inferiority of the conditions by whoever has opted for a wet track set-up. It was also quiet, you will not be sure. Too easy. I love KTM in the wet and I was convinced that I would be better off than I was at Sachsenring.

In the first laps I pushed to have the same pace as other rivals. I must have a cool head and prove to myself that the rain should not have been so bad. I knew that the classified, leader would escape, and I focused on keeping the fight with my Immediate pursuer on the board.

I kept in the group that was fighting for the third position of the podium. In the course of the race I saw that my two direct rivals were going to the ground, then I decided that the only thing that mattered in that moment was to keep going without making the mistake of falling and get a reasonable position.

You see that even with a dry setting I had improved remarkably in the wet.

I finished in seventh position, cutting the points gap to the first classified and making the championship more alive.

I liked leaving with Brno podiums. But it could not be.

This coming weekend we run at RedBullRing / Austria.

Put the meat back on the grill ...

A hug, my friends,

# Pollo81

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