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Aleix Viu

Hello Friends,

Sachsenring has been a fun and challenging circuit for me. It's twisty and has remarkable level changes I didn't suspect that I would enjoy so much riding my KTM. Considering it was my first time running on this circuit, the results obtained throughout the weekend were satisfactory. They could have improved but sometimes risky bets do not work out quite right, and I will explain why.

During free practice, I simply look for the best way to ride fast on the circuit giving more importance to the track to the comfort of my mount; QP I wanted to get as far forward as possible. And so, I stood in eighth place on the grid for the race off just 170 milliseconds off the third place.

In the first race I finished sixth. I found it very comfortable during the course of the whole race knowing I could squeeze more from myself for Sunday's event. I was very happy with the result.

Sunday's race had seemed it would be in bad weather and quite windy and so we decided to make a change to the settings on my bike, which ultimately served only to prove that I had made a mistake and that this was not the way to go.

During the race, quickly riders showed they had an advantage over me. I went from being the fifth position to tenth, something I did not want to allow, and took all the courage to fight back all I could and finished seventh.

Inside the mess I got to save the ship and I learned that last minute changes can go both ways, work very well or badly.

I'm looking forward very soon the time to be in Brno

I hope you spend a great summer vacation.

See you very soon.

Aleix Viu

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