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Aleix Viu

Hello friends,

I'm looking at the calendar and realising that there are very few days to begin the season-opening test in Jerez.

I really looking forward to this day, because they have spent six months before being able re-ride the KTM # 81; while I'm training hard.

Since my last post I have been doing many things. Of course the first and very important, go to school and study hard to make up the days that may be missing when participating in motorcycle championships.

The time I have left free and the weekends I have spent doing many things, all focused physically and technically ready.

Now I will explain:
Every day I go to the gym for patterns indicated by my trainer. I tape, Spinning, Swimming, balance, ... I also do outdoor sports such as Running, Mountainbike, ...

During the first two months of the year, although in Spain it has been a little cold and it snowed recently, I've gone skiing. It is an outdoor sport that I love. I really enjoy everything that brings me skiing: balance, speed, slide ... I love the snow.

But I have not done this alone.
Some of the weekends that I have left free after skiing, the opportunity to make SuperMotard, Karting circuits. As it is winter and circuits have a few riders training, I take the opportunity to go with friends to make us rivalry within the track.

Finally, the rest of holidays left me, I change the discipline to the large circuit. I get on my 600 and try to improve the times he had done the last time in training. My bike is an old lady, but we understand each other and get along very well. I like to help my father prepare my 600 a few days before going to the circuit. Thus I learn and understand the mechanics of my saddle.

Finally I tell my friends that sometimes we will have fun driving karts. I enjoy great. It remains the automotive world and I enjoy it much; although I much prefer the bikes. What I do here is to share with my friends the feeling you get while participating in a race with friends.

As I said earlier, there are very few days to begin the season-opening test in Jerez.

See you guys!!!!

A hug.

Aleix Viu
# Pollo81

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