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Aleix Viu

Hello my friends,

During this December I had the first contact on my bike after "forced" break from Motorland. I'm very happy with how everything has evolved. I have already started the bike workouts in an intense and hard way.

The first time I got back on the bike was on December 7th. Specifically I was riding my Aprilia Super Motard Sxv550.

It was not difficult at all to get used to the bike again and the day ended a more than satisfactory, since I was performing as well as I did before September. I was strong physically, mentally and comfortable on the bike; I was happy.

Then, there was only trying sensations on a large circuit with a racing bike, and it is not the same as a Kart track. This past Sunday December 20th I took my CBR 600 and went to the Calafat circuit to give a few twists and see where my limits are.

It was not very good day, it was cold, it was very cloudy and looked like it would be difficult to ride fast with so little favourable weather for running a motorcycle.

However, I had to try and take advantage of one of the last rounds before the end of 2015.

It truly was all fantastic. Before it started to to rain early in the afternoon, I got to lap a lot faster than I was able to do this summer. Specifically I bettered by one second my lap. There was no doubt that I am capable of manageing all necessary trainings for the championship in 2016.

I am well and eager to give everything in 2016. The past is just ghosts, I'm here again.

I can only wish all of you a Merry Christmas and a fantastic 2016, that will fulfil all your dreams in the new year about to begin and that Santa is very generous with you.

I really want to see you all.


Aleix Viu
Pollo # 81

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