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Aleix Viu

Hi guys,

I apologise that my blog from the Motorland has taken me a long time to write. I think we all know a little the reasons why I have not written before, but I assure you that I always wanted to hang a Post in these days that have elapsed.

The weekend's Grand Prix of Motorland was really comfortable and strong, both physically and emotionally. Proof of this is that I felt completely comfortable with my KTM and during the two Free Practice was perfect two separate dominating free practice.

My mistake came in the Qualy, I did not manage to find space and do my time alone. This led me to qualify in eighth position on the grid.

There was no other solution than trying to gain positions as soon as possible at the start of the race, and so many were eager to quickly reach the head of the race with the tires still cold. That resulted in a big highside, unluckily ahead of my rivals who were right in line behind me.

The way and the place where I fell it was impossible for Bo or the other kids to avoid hitting me. I'd have been the same; indeed, some of them fell while trying to avoid me and not run me over.

Finally everything has been done and I'm home finishing my recovery. There have not been more than a few tears it takes to cure the same if it had been only a bone: 45 days ... or maybe something less.

I want to thank all the "Cup Management Team" all the concern and attention given by them on my health, as well as the entire staff of technicians and mechanics of the Red Bull Rookies Cup.

We also thank all those wonderful photos Rookies by which you made about my bike; Great Images!! It was truly amazing how many people have been watching every day of my development.

Now we just say that I can soon be back on a motorcycle and sure, very sure, I'll come back stronger than ever.

To my great friend Bo # 64: See you soon.

Accelerate, Gas and give you everything to catch the slipstream ...

Aleix Viu

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