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Adrián Huertas

Hi Readers!

I am going to tell you my experience in Mugello and why I wasn't in in Assen.


In Mugello I had a difficult race because I had a lot of problems in my back because of my crash during the first GP weekend in Jerez.


During the weekend I improved a lot but in the race I started so bad but in one lap I overtake a lot of riders and when I was in P4 I started to feel pain in my back and I started to lost pace and I can't follow the first group.
Finally I finished P9.


When I arrived home I relaxed 3 days and mater I started to prepare Assen race.

All was OK and in my last weekend of training before the race, in Albacete, with my 600 I crashed in a fast corner because one rider's bike put oil in the track and when my bike touch the oil I made a big highside.

I started to feel a lot of pain and when I come into the Albacete Hospital the doctor said me that I have an injury in my hand.

I had broken my 4th metacarpal and the hamate bone.


I went to Madrid to visit the Doctor Manzano.


On Thursday I had to be surgery and all the surgery was so good.

Now I feel better and I am working to be riding as soon as possible.

I am not going to ride in Sachsenring but I am working to be ready in the Red Bull GP in Austria.

See you soon.

Adrian Huertas 66

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