#13 Sho Nishimura

"I'm working harder with team when I can't win."

Sho Nishimura

Rider bio



"It all started when I was 8 years old. My father brought a motocross bike for me. Then he was teaching rme to ride. He works in a filling station and really enjoys bikes and racing."


"My mum also helps me a lot, she works in a Japanese restaurant I have a one old brother, he is 20 years old, he is so kind and supports my racing."


"My family is a lot of help for my racing life."




My Dad helping with my race bike

"I'm happy to join the Rookies Cup because I need to get a lot of racing experience. I'm looking forward to work to Rookies Cup staff. The Rookies Cup level is very high so I want a lot experience. And I want to make good races and a lot of victories. "


2018 CBR 250

"In 2019 I learned to race in big groups. It's very important to Moto3. When race at big groups, I learned that breaking was so important," explains Sho who enjoyed PE at school and likes listening to music.



Already Sho has had a lot of success since switching from motocross to road racing. "My best race is IATC rd.5 Japan race2 in 2019. Because this race is my home race so there was a lot of support for me. And I'm victory in this race. That race was not perfect but it became a great confidence for me."

"Another good race was in 2018. That race is the IATC final round's Race 1 because It was first win in IATC. It was in rain conditions but I was so happy to get the victory."


"My favourite circuit is Qatar. Because this place have great memories. In the IATC in 2019 I had the top time in all sessions. And I took victory in 2 races. So I like Qatar."

"Of great importance to me is the result. But I also like to work with the team. I'm work harder with team when I can't win."

"My goal is to become MotoGP World Champion," explains Sho who's hero is Jorge Lorenzo. "I want to get a lot of experience at Rookies Cup for that."