#6 Phillip Tonn

"I like tight turns and sections with strong brakes."

Phillip Tonn

Rider bio


"My family has nothing to do with motorsport. They have no idea. That's why I have a coach who does everything for me. My parents support me in everything that I do, but they cannot give me any experience or tips."


2013 my firt bike, KTM 50 Mini

"My parents do organise everything about the racing, they support me financially. They are also mentally supporting me, especially in the time outside of racing."

2015 after the saison with my PocketBike

"My Dad works in an office and my mum is a medical coder in Hospital, I don't have any brothers or sisters," explains Phillip who says his favourite subjects at school are sport and maths, when not at school he likes to meet his friends and play sports."

2018 SuperMoto Race

"I want to be a MotoGP Rider and my dream is to be a World Champion," he asserts, wanting to emulate his heroes Marc Marquez and Ken Roczen.

"2018 was my first year racing in Spain. I was very curious about everything. I learned mainly hard but fair fighting. There were sometimes 50 overtaking manoeuvres per race. That was new for me. I was very surprised how many very good drivers there are."

2018 Race in HawkersCup

"My best race was the first in the Hawkers Cup in Jerez. It was special for me because I could win immediately. That was a surprise for me."

"Also Almeria, I missed the start and got back up to 11th in the first lap. I got up to fight for first and battle each lap and each corner and could win the race...it was nice and I smiled so much."

"I'm looking forward to 2019. I expect to learn a lot of new things and gain more experience in motorsport."

"I like tight turns and sections with strong brakes."

2017 at home

"Of course, I like to win races. I like the feeling of teamwork and the people on the racetrack. I like working with mechanic and my trainer. And I want to learn more about the bike, and push it to the limit."

"I would like to thank all the people who have supported me on the last 4 years to reach my dream to drive in the Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup. To be closer to my dream of being a MotoGP rider," said Phillip before his first Cup season.

At the first race of the season in Jerez

It wasn't an easy first year but it ended well. "I learnt a lot in the Rookies Cup in 2019. The switch from an 85cc machine to the Red Bull KTM was enormous. Driving on the track felt very different. The speed and performance of the bike is gigantic compared to my previous bike."

"I can still remember the first days in the Jerez test 2019. I destroyed the motorcycle twice. But I got on better and better with the bike in the course of the year. I learned to deal with the size, weight and speed of the bike. I also had to learn that I am not one of the top drivers. So far I haven't had much chance experience podiums, but now there is a different level of drivers. The best young drivers in the world."

Battling hard at the Red Bull Ring

"My favorite race of 2019 that was the last race in Aragón. It was a dream. Changes were made to my bike and I felt perfectly with it."

Looking good by the end of the year in Aragón

"I was so proud that I was able to ride with the top 10 drivers. that was an indescribably nice feeling after such a season always in the second half of the drivers. I am extremely motivated to return and know I can do it with the right training."

"In 2020 I will do everything to deliver very good results. I am very exited to see how I can ride my bike, now that I've grown a little."