#55 Noah Dettwiler

I just want to stay like I am. "A crazy little guy"

Noah Dettwiler

Rider bio


"I watched every motorcycle race on TV with my father, even as a little boy."
Even as a little boy I wanted to ride motorcycles

"I already loved the speed and these races fascinated me."

My first time on a motorcycle

"At about 4 years old I saw my first live motocross race, from then on I knew that I really wanted to do this. So that's how I started with Supermoto. I loved the speed on the asphalt and the jumps in the off-road."

2012 - one of my first races in Supermoto 50ccm

"My parents are my biggest support. Without them, I would not be where I am today. Since my beginning in motorsport they accompany me to every training and race. They are happy with the successes and stand by my side, also if things are not going well."

2012 Training in France "first jumps"

"During the supermoto Swiss Championship, my sister, Noëlle, was present at every race. This was very important to me, because we are very close. Unfortunately, this is no longer possible today as she is studying and therefore can't be absent for a long time. Whenever she can, she comes along."

My parents and my sister Nöelle

"My father owns his own company (Bau-Flex Dettwiler AG), which he founded in 1988. The company is active in the construction industry. My mother is a housewife and secretary/accountant at Bau-Flex Dettwiler AG."

2017 - Supermoto 125cc Swiss Championship

"I have 2 sisters from my dad's first marriage, Salome is 26 years old, Noëlle is 24. An additional goal of mine is to continue to do well at school. Here I am also supported by my family and teachers. My favourite subjects at school are languages. Since I grew up bilingually I find it a bit easier to learn a new language. Sports is also one of my favourite subjects."

2017 - Supermoto 125cc Swiss Championship

"My racing goal is to constantly improve and get faster. My racing heroes are Marc Marquez und Nicolo Bulega. Ambition, will and strength as well as the constant support from my family have brought me to where I am today. I'm working hard on my dream and my biggest desire is to one day become a professional and ride in the MotoGP."

2016 - the youngest in this category - Supermoto 85ccm. I became Swiss Champion

"2018 was my first experience of road racing. This has been an important year for me in terms of learning about this sport. In addition to the skills I've learned to improve my riding I have learned the importance of daily fitness training. I go jogging, swimming and cycling and on a more "casual" day I go running with my dog «Fizzco»"

2018 – Aragon PreMoto3

"!I've also realised the importance of working closely with the team and to follow their instructions. In addition, I've learned to evaluate the telemetry with the team. As a result, it is easier for me today to turn theory into practice. Now, with every conversation I have with the team boss I can picture what I have to do in order to improve my riding style."

"My best race was the race with Premoto3 in Mugello, in May 2018. The practice days, Thursday and Friday, were not going very well as we had technical problems. The qualification runs were not optimal either. I could only reach the 24th starting position."

2018 Mugello, start from the pit lane

"At the start, ready for the warm-up lap, my engine stopped. Despite fast response, the track marshals could not start the motorcycle again. This meant I was forced to start from the pit lane. Thus, I was now in position 33."

2018 - Mugello with full throttle to the 10th position

"I was so angry about this situation that I just gave it my all and wanted to get ahead. I was able to overtake one rider after another. At times, I even rode the fastest lap times. I finished the race in 10th place and could hardly believe what I had achieved. I was just extremely happy."

2018 Valencia, I feel good on the race track

"Then there was the the Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup Selection Event. The best thing about this was the chance to participate and then to qualify. From a feeling point-of-view this was the biggest and most emotional thing I have ever experienced."

2018 - Rookies Cup Selection Event Guadix

"I'm really looking forward to the 2019 season with the Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup and am so proud that I have achieved this. My goal is to move forward step by step and get into the points as soon as possible. It certainly will not be easy, but my will and ambition have already shown that nothing is impossible. I will work hard and always be focused."

"In 2019 I will also ride the European Talent Cup. Here, too, I've set myself a big goal and want to get far ahead and also get some points."

2018, Great racer met in Barcelona, Aleix Espargaró

"I just love the racing atmosphere, the speed, the fast corners, the fair but tough fights and the friendships with my fellow competitors. I most enjoy fast corners, because if one is confident with the bike and feels comfortable on it one can take the corners cleanly and fast."

"I always try to improve and do my best. Even if the result is not good, I will never give up. I really enjoy working with the team and it is also very important to me that there is a familiar atmosphere within the team."

"I like to move and cannot sit still for long. In my spare time I often go cycling, swimming, drive a scooter or jump on the trampoline."

Basel, on the Rhein, my beautiful city

"If the opportunity arises I jump from cliffs or from the 10m diving tower in our pool. I also regularly ride motocross, supermoto and pitbike."

I even think of motorcycling while swimming...

"I just want to stay like I am. "A crazy little guy" with a lot of ambition and the will to achieve something big. But never neglecting school and education and, above all, being grateful every day that I can experience all of this, thanks first and foremost to my family and to all the other people who support and accompany me."

"2019 was a year where I learned so many things about racing. To come in Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup was a big dream of mine. And when this dream got real, I couldn't find the words for it. The season 2019 was difficult for me. I worked very hard, but I made myself to much pressure. Worked on that and now I feel great. I haven't got a lot of road racing experience and experiences of tactics and stuff, because it was just my second year in road racing."

Rookies Cup 2019 on the KTM RC 250 R

"In the winter 2020 I worked super hard to be more than ready for the upcoming season. I worked a lot on my physical condition and it got better week by week. End of December we moved to Spain. My parents and me. In Switzerland there weren't any tracks. But here in Spain, there are plenty. So now I can work on the things where I am struggling and improve them."

Training at home

"2020 has been a really strange year for everybody."

That 2020 look

"I had a good year though as far as riding goes. I made a good step from 2019 into the last season. In 2020 I learned many things. But probably the most important thing I learned is to adapt to the things. No matter how things are going right now. When I sit on my bike, I have to be 100% ready and forget all the other stuff that's happening."

Red Bull Ring 2020

"In 2020 I had a few great races. But my personal favorite and best race has been the first race in Spielberg. It has been the first time of my life battling in the front group. I can't describe this feeling. It is just awesome. The whole race we battled till the very last corner. I had so much fun in this race and finished P6."

Great racing at the Red Bull Ring in 2020 but no fans

"For 2021 I am expecting to improve myself. I work hard during the winter to be able to do good race in the upcoming season."