#44 Nicolás Hernández

Nicolás Hernández

Rider bio


"I have been passionate about BMX and motorcycles since I was very small."


"I love extreme sports. Since I was 5 years old I was part of the league of BMX in my hometown of Medellín, Colombia."


"I had my first approach to motorcycles with a gift that my father made me to start practicing at age 6."


"Since then I knew it would be my great passion and life project, I went with my father to Madrid, Spain where we knew we could have a better future in this race."


"Since then there has not been a day when you do not take a motorcycle or take part in a Motocross or Moto GP race. I love this sport and I want to represent my country Colombia in the best way."


"My family plays the most important role in my career as a rider, they have always been my greatest support and support to follow, they encourage me and accompany me with every step I take. But the most important person and to whom I owe everything I am as much as a human being and as a rider is my father."


"Thanks to him I feel the infinite love for motorcycles and he has given everything to make me the best pilot, my coach, is always aware of the bike, of the races, has never missed any moment in this passion that together we share."

"I want to learn every day from the best, to get into the motorcycle World Championship and one day to be World Champion."

"I love listening to music, go out with my friends and ride the bicycle, at school I enjoy Artistic things, painting and drawing. My racing heroes are Valentino Rossi and Marc Marquez."


Nicolás already has a good deal of experience, success and good memories and he recalls his best race so far. "It was in 2016 at the Carpetania circuit in Madrid, competition Kx 85. It was the first time I managed to get No.1 and be on a podium."

"At first it was hard because in the qualifying I fell and came out in the last position on the grid but I kept faith that I could achieve it and get the best out of myself, and there I realised that everything is in what I intend to do now that coming out of last I was able to arrive first."


"In 2017 I learned that you always have to think well before acting, the mind has power and you always have to have a good attitude towards life, I learned that with discipline and courage I can achieve whatever I set out to do, that I must always fight for my dreams, and that we are all equal and we are worth much in the eyes of God."

"The best race was the last round of the CBR 300 championship in Calafat, Barcelona. It was the weekend before the Selection Event of the Red Bull Rookies Cup 2017 and I felt very fast and confident that I could do a perfect race."


"I had trained a lot for it and I was very sure that I could do it, but in the timed I suffered a fall and they put out the red flag, I had a bruise on my shoulder and knee. Even so with this first race I could stay in the fourth position."


"When I returned for the second race I came out in fourth position, I was very sore and I was last but I climbed back and got to the third position."


"It was a race in which I overcame my fears, I overcame myself struggling with the pain but enjoying the race in each of the second runs, I wanted to give my all because there I was testing for what would be the event of selection of the Red Bull." 

In action in Almeria, Red Bull Selection Event 2017

"For 2018 I want to learn from the best, do the best possible in my career as a rider and studies, achieve many podiums always following the learning of my teachers."

"I like the fast tracks and with prolonged curves because that's where I feel the strongest, I love the adrenaline that is felt when taking the curves with high speed but always measuring the techniques learned in the clubs and tests."

Celebrating Selection in Almeria with new friends - Selection Event 2017

"I like everything involved in our sport, I feel satisfaction in each of the moments, during and after each race. Before each race date I feel very anxious to be at the track and on the track. Already in race circuit, I love the atmosphere that is lived with the other riders, all united."

Training with fellow Rookie and fellow Colombian Steward Garcia

"I really like to meet new riders, from all over the world and I love the moment when I must run, enjoy the track and the bike every second is what most encourages me to be a MotoGP rider. Winning a race is a very important part, we all want to be the best, but I find satisfaction to each of the moments that I must live in the races."

"I hope the fans can recognise me for my dedication, discipline and good technique but I will remain in the memory for my great charisma and style. That's why my slogan is The Pichu Style!!!"