#30 Max Cook

"My dream is to achieve being a British MotoGP Champion – it’s my no.1 goal"

Max Cook

Rider bio


You want a young rider who is committed to his sport? Take a look at Max. "Everything I do revolves around racing as it literally is my life – when I'm not at school or racing, I try and do something everyday to train. This is mostly going to the gym to stay in shape and riding my supermoto at my local indoor kart circuit a few times a week to stay bike fit. When the weathers good I like to go mountain biking and cycling with my trainer."

SuperMoto Racing in 2017 with Cool FAB Racing at Whilton Mill International Karting Circuit

"I also enjoy playing racing games on my x-box as it gives me opportunity to get to know tracks I haven't raced before and chat with my friends around the country. I also help my dad at the Scott Redding Young Riders Academy, where we teach kids to ride minimotos and learn how to race before they make the step up to racing. The kids are aged between 6 and 12 and it's great to help them go faster."

Helping the Kids at Scott Redding Young Riders Academy at Swindon Karting early 2018

Of course Max is still at school and even there he enjoys learning what will make him faster. "I really enjoy Physical Education (P.E.) and Maths at school. P.E. is a fun subject and helps me understand how my body works. For example what my body goes through during exercise, how to exercise and cool down properly, what muscles do what, how to avoid injury and if I'm unlucky and get injured I have an idea how to recover quicker. I also enjoy Maths, as like working things out and working with numbers."

Racing against the best of British (Brad Ray) at Red Lodge Circuit in 2017 in British Championship

His first interest in motorsport came from way back. "I think it all started with my Grandad, he was a Rally Cross Driver back in the 70's and 80's. He competed across Europe and even won the European Championship in 1988. His passion for racing rubbed off on my Dad, who spannered for my Grandad when he was young and then became a mechanic for his friends motorbike endurance team when I was a baby."

"My Grandad Rally Crossing in the 90's in Holland for European Championships"

"I think the passion for racing then rubbed off on me, because when I was growing up I can remember really enjoying watching MotoGP with my dad when we had it on the telly and I would prefer to watch the racing instead or cartoons."

"Cleaning my 1st bike in 2006 when I was 4yrs old"

"It was actually my Grandad and Grandma who bought me my first minimoto when I was 3! I went to my 1st MotoGP race in 2006 at Donington Park and I absolutely loved it, from then on I knew I wanted to race motorbikes."

"Since then racing bikes and becoming a world champion was my dream. Every year my Dad took me to the MotoGP Day of Champions to meet the riders and in 2010 my Dad found an indoor circuit where I could ride. When I rode for the 1st time I couldn't believe I was actually riding a motorbike and it was the best feeling ever."

"I rode weekly at the indoor circuit (Scott Redding Young Riders Academy) for over a year and in 2011 my Dad bought me my 1st proper Minimoto race bike and we went racing!"

"Having the best time at my 1st race in 2011 in South Wales"

"My Dad has played the biggest part in my career and getting me to where I am now. He knew I wanted to ride motorbikes, but he made me try loads of different sports, to see what I really liked doing, and after I tried a different sport I would always come back to bikes."

"My dad and me at the Cartegena test in 2016 for my first go on a moto3"

"He tells me that whatever I wanted to do, the idea was always for us to do something together and have fun. Racing bikes started as a fun hobby and a way of us spending time together."

"Getting low on my Metrakit70 at Cool FAB Championship in 2014"

"However after a couple of seasons, I started winning and my belief and confidence grew that I thought I could make my dream of racing bikes in MotoGP come true. My Mum and Dad wanted to give me the opportunity to go as far as I could, so we started getting better bikes and travelling everywhere to race and train as often as possible."

"With my young brother James in 2016"

"I have a younger brother James who is 10 years old. He started racing motorbikes 4 years ago and is beginning to race at the front and win races. I really enjoy riding with him and we often ride minimoto together to push each other to go faster!"

"Over the last few years my family have literally been everything for me, from mechanics, sponsors, managers, fundraisers, chauffeurs, coaches and biggest fans. I can't be more thankful to my amazing family as they are so supportive."

"Celebrating 2017 Championship with Mum and Dad"

"I recognise that to be successful at this sport, I have to work very hard on my racing every day and my family understand this and help me hugely by working hard to fund my racing, but also sacrificing almost all of their spare time taking me racing, training, to the gym etc so that I have the best opportunity to realise my dream of becoming a MotoGP racer."

Enjoying the fast corners at Snetterton, BSB in 2017

"I have a few racing heroes for different reasons. I like Rossi because he's the best rider ever, he's achieved so much in the sport, but also he's a great character, who's got time for his fans and who has inspired me to get into racing."

"Meeting one of my racing heroes at Donington Park in 2008"

"I also like Danny Webb as I love his attitude towards life and his approach to racing. He has taught me so much, I couldn't be here without him and his friendship. Finally I like Travis Pastrana. He's not a MotoGP rider but I really like his personality and how he pushes himself to achieve things no one else can do. I think they are all great role models and really inspire me for different reasons."

"My best race ever was in 2015 when I was racing in the Aprilia Superteen Challenge. It was the penultimate round of the season at Donington Park and it was my first opportunity to wrap up the championship.

"At this round the organisers were testing a new restricted Aprilia 450r to replace the old RS125's and it was being ridden by an experienced, well known BSB racer. During Free Practice and Qualifying the 450r bike was quicker, but it made me really determined to beat it during the races."

"Almost there for my 1st British Championship onboard my Aprilia 125 at Donington Park in 2015"

"When it came to the race it was a typical cold British day, but the skies were blue. As soon as the lights went out I was involved 12 lap battle with the prototype bike. We must have overtaken each other 6 times every lap and I did things during that race that I didn't think were possible."

"Looking back it was probably the most fun I've ever had on a bike and to win the race was amazing, but the icing on the cake was I managed to take 2 seconds off the lap record, which had stood for many years. The reaction from the paddock, organisers, marshalls, my family and friends at the track was absolutely amazing as they made me feel so special. It's a feeling I will never forget!"

"Always trying my best on my Aprilia RS125 at Anglesey Circuit in 2015"

Not everyone can afford to move to Spain and race in the CEV where the machinery level is not much bellow that at Grand Prix. Even in the British Moto3 championship things can be expensive but thankfully there is the 'Standard Class' where things are a touch more reasonable and there Max excelled. "2017 was a huge learning year for me and I learnt loads. The main thing I learnt was how to win a championship and learn how to perform under pressure. Going out on track and giving 100% is normal for me, but mid-way through the season I had a strong lead in the championship and I had to stay fast, but I also had to start thinking about what I was doing and where I needed to be on track to avoid any DNF's."

"Me and my Coach Danny Webb - Brands Hatch 2016"

"It really helped having Danny Webb and a great team like Wilson Racing around me who helped me plan each race that kept me focused on the championship, winning races, achieving lap records and staying calm when the pressure was on. I'm so grateful to Danny and everyone at Wilson Racing as they also taught me that to win races and championships that you work together as a team to get the best out of bike and rider."

"Winning Team - Wilson Racing and Me at the end of season bash at Brands Hatch 2017"

"My best race the year was at Silverstone when the Northern European Moto3 ADAC riders joined us for the weekend. It was exciting as the British Standard Class and the ADAC Standard Class had our own race, which meant we had 20 riders all on the same bike. ADAC have some of the best riders in Europe competing in the standard class so I was really looking forward to racing them and seeing how I measured up against them."

Leading the Pack - Silverstone GP Circuit, British Superbikes 2017

"The entire race was incredible as there were 8 of us fighting for the win throughout the whole race. We were overtaking each other all the time and no-body was giving an inch; if there was a gap we were going for it."

"It was aggressive and sketchy at times but we all trusted each other and it was clean racing, so the race was really fun. At the end of the last lap I was 6th and the lead group of 8 riders were separated by less than 0.5second."

"I didn't want to be in the lead at the start of the last, I wanted to use slipstream to make my way through and take the lead. The plan worked really well, as I was leading the race with only a few corners left, when I accidentally left a gap on the last corner and another rider nudged me up the inside and sent me wide."

"I finished the race in 4th and top British Rider, but less than 2 tenths behind the leader. I came away feeling really good, not only because I had proven to myself that I could race and beat some of the top riders in Europe, but also the race was awesome and how I imagined a world Moto3 race to feel like!"

"I've ridden most of the tracks in the UK with BSB, but my favourite tracks are the GP tracks like Silverstone, Donington and Assen. I think I like these tracks because they all have fast corners where you have to be brave and get your adrenaline pumping."

Always Pushing - British Superbike Moto3 at Brands Hatch GP Circuit 2017

"When you're in these fast corners you can feel the g-force pushing you into the bike and when you get it spot on you feel awesome afterwards. Going into the Rookies, there are some tracks I've never ridden before, which I can't wait to ride like Brno in the Czech Republic. When I've watched the racing there on the telly, the races are always amazing and I've heard it's one of the riders favourites."

So having had a taste of international competition Max is ready for the next step, racing agaisnt the best young riders from around the world and on Grand Prix circuits, looking forward to his first Rookies Cup season. "My main expectation for 2018 is to work as hard as I can, improve all the time and continue to learn from some of the best coaches and riders my age in the world. I've never ridden a KTM Moto3 before so I'm really excited to ride a new bike and learn to ride it faster and faster." 

Hard at work - Rookies Cup Selection Almeria 2017

"Racing with the Red Bull Rookies has been a dream since I started racing as Fraser Rogers, Danny Kent and Brad Ray were riders I knew and really looked up to and they started in Rookies. I want to enjoy the experience as much as possible and make new friends and meet new people from around the world.
No 5 - One of the happy band of successful applicants - Almeria 2017

Max obviously knows what he likes and what he wants to do but one question gives him pause; What does he like most about racing? "That's a really hard question," says Max. "As I pretty much love all aspects of racing. The excitement of travelling to a race, working with the team, helping set up bike and the racing. I absolutely love the feeling of riding a bike, being in your own world under your helmet and pushing yourself and the bike to go as fast as you can. However nothing comes close to the feeling of being on the top step of the podium with your team and family behind you and the celebration."

Austria 2018 Race 1

My best race of the 2018 season was Austria race 1. I started p17 and at the start I made my way up to 12th place on the opening lap. The field then split up in to 2 groups. The front 10 pulled away by about 4 seconds and I was left behind. I was extremely determined to catch up to the front runners so I gave it everything I had and I caught up to the leaders In about 5 laps.


I was then inside the top 10 looking for my personal best finish but unfortunately a technical problem caused me to crash and I unfortunately took 2 riders with me. Despite the crash this gave me a huge confidence boost and I was really happy with my performance!

Aragon 2018

In 2018 I learnt many things such as new bike, new circuits but the main thing I learned was how important qualifying is. I struggled with my qualifying in 2018. I mad the races a lot harder for myself coming from the back of the grid. In Germany I had my best qualifying of p9 and in the race I was able to run at the front and I finished p8. This showed how important a good position is because it sets you up well for the race.

Sachsenring 2018

For 2019 I expect podiums. That's where I need to be. 2018 was my learning year and now it's my turn to be at the front. I finished 2018 with the fastest lap so I have been feeling really motivated to keep that going in 2019!