#88 Matteo Patacca

"I have ridden a bike since I was three years old"

Matteo Patacca

Rider bio


Helmet design 2018

"I have ridden a bike since I was three years old and to be a competitor in the best championship of the World has always been a target for me."

First race on a minibike - 2007

"My father rode with motocross for years and also my older brother rode a minibike."

"First experiences on a minibike with my older brother Andrea"

So I have been in a racing world from when I was very young."

"My first Italian Championship with the minibike" - 2014

"My father follows me in every race where I compete, and also the other members of my family enjoy us on the track for support me every moment."

"Me and my Dad Alessandro. My first coach and my first fan"

Matteo's father is a mechanic and his mother a hairdresser, he has an older brother Andrea.

In action at his favourite track, Misano - 2017

He knows that the Rookies Cup will not be easy but has succeeded against the odds before as he recalls in his favourite race. "Misano 2017, I hadn't the best bike in the group and also the engine wasn't the fastest, but I put my heart into the race!"

Top place on the podium of Misano at the PreMoto3 race of the CIV - 2017

"In 2017 I learnt that the race isn't won in the first lap. You need to be patient and constant and also think a lot."

"On a racing day with all my family"

He has ambitious though, even for his first Rookies Cup season. "I want to be a main character of the championship. I want to give my best and get as much out of it as possible. In the end I aim for victory."

"Training on a supermotard"

"Misano is my favourite track and I prefer linked corners and hard driven sectors. I also enjoy training hard and at school, physical education."

"Training the body"

"I also really like to set up my bike the best, to be on the top all the weekend and win the race on the race day. Winning the race is the best satisfaction forgood team work!"

With the other riders invited to join the 2018 Rookies Cup - Almeria 2017 
Working hard at the Selection Event - Almeria 2017