#28 Matteo Bertelle

Matteo Bertelle

Rider bio


"It is thanks to the passion of my father who made me try the first bike that I like two wheels."
First time on a bike

"My father has always accompanied me everywhere and looked for help from my grandparents when it comes to money.¨
MiniGP50cc Varano

"Also I have to thank Angelo Marzola, owner of a minimoto track and Giorgio Marzola, owner of a team of 3 bikes that gives me the chance to train with his motorcycles."

My first poketbike podium

"My father is a grocery merchant and my mother works with flowers. I have one brother who is twelve."

My first podium in PreMoto3

"I would like to be able to get to MotoGP by winning as much as possible and winning the respect of the public,"he explains, hoping to emulate his hero Marc Marquez. He likes to train in the gym and ride his bicycle.

Bike taining

"My best race was at Jerez in 2018 a round of the European Talent Cup, It was a beautiful race with fights until the last corner and I won even with the photo finish. As always the first victory is never forgotten."

European Talent Cup Jerez 2018

"I learnt in 2018 that you must listen to those who have more experience. I plan to do te same in 2019 and I want to fight for race and championship victories both in the Rookies Cup and the CEV."

Team presentation

"I prefer the left-handed circuits and fast corners my favourite circuit is Mugello but also Jerez because I won my first race there. But anywayI like them all a bit."

Rookies Cup Selection Guadix 2018

"For me racing is the best thing, it gives me a lot of adrenaline and satisfaction especially when I win and make my team happy which for me is very important."