#58 Luca Lunetta

Luca Lunetta

Rider bio


In so many ways Luca is the typical racer but not in everything. "I like going to school, I'm in eighth grade and in June I will have the exams and next year I will enrol in the Scientific High School for Sports in Rome. My favourite subjects are Technology, English language, Italian Literature, Geography and all sports."

"I go to gym, I love listening to music, mainly rap and techno music, and playing ping pong to pass my free time with my friends."

Then there is the racing and his heroes are Marco Simoncelli, Valentino Rossi and Marc Marquez.

"My interest in motorcycle racing is due to my father's passion who was never a rider and never had a motorcycle but I saw him watching on TV. Me too with him and also because I always liked the speed, with bikes, skiing, karts and with everything that had wheels!"

"The passion for motorcycles was born by pure chance. One day in October 2011, when I was 5 years old, with my father we passed near a small circuit in Rome - Torricola Team Racing - where minibike races were taking place and it was a great thrill and happiness!"

"From that moment I was fascinated by the two wheels and the day after we rented a Chinese minibike and I trained with it for one month until I got my first minibike at Christmas."


"My family have always supported and encouraged me; my father takes me around for training and now he follows me in all the races while my mother is busy, as well as with work, also with my little sister, Laura, aged 6."


"In the early years (2013-2013) I competed in the first Regional Trophies, on the circuit near Rome, in Campo di Carne and in Torricola (TT Racing), winning the second in 2013."


"In 2014 I started racing in the Italian Minimoto Championship (CIV Junior) with a Polini minibike, winning the last race on the calendar in Ortona and in 2015 I won both the Italian and the European Minimoto Championship with a Phantom minibike, by winning a lot of races."

2015 CIV Junior

In that year I also won the prestigious 'Marco Simoncelli' Minimoto Trophy, a trophy in honor of my true idol Marco Simoncelli, the one I am inspired by and of which I carry his number '58' on the fairings of my bikes.


"In 2016 I abandoned the low wheels to switch to the high 12'' ones with a real bike, with the gear change, and I competed in the PreMiniGP Italian Championship, a category in which the bikes were all the same (Metrakit 50 with 10 hp) and drew lots at each race, where I obtained, out of 6 races, 4 wins and a second place, winning the Championship one race in advance."


"2017 was the first of two years in the MiniGP Italian Championship, where I raced with a GRC bike (50cc and 15-16 hp), obtaining a ninth final place, making important experience for the 2018, the year in which with a new bike, a RMU and with my current Team (AC Racing Team), I won both the Italian and the European MiniGP Championship, winning many races and obtaining all pole-positions."

"My father is an officer serving in the Italian Police Force, specialising in financial crimes, he has the highest grade of Inspector."

"My mother graduated in mathematics and she is an IT consultant."

"I love being a rider, I have a lot of fun and I am aware that if I want to achieve my dream, to become a World Champion, I will have to train a lot, every day and follow the advice of those who believe in me, from my family to my coaches to my friends hoping to always have sponsors support."

"I like everything about races, I like when I'm in the paddock, with my Team but also with my friends who are my opponents or other bigger riders to whom I ask for some advice and then racing with my bike and dart in the most beautiful tracks, trying to bring to the victory a teamwork that I do with my Team throughout the race weekend."

I love it all

"2018 was s beautiful season full of successes, where I won both the Italian and the European MiniGP 50 Championships, with drawn races in which I have always reasoned and I have remained focused towards my goals for my enjoy, of my team, my family, my fans and the many followers I have on my social channels (Facebook and Instagram)."

Imola, my favourite circuit

"Since 2018 I have been part of the 'Pata Talenti Azzurri FMI' Project, a project of the Italian Motorcycle Federation aimed at young promises of Italian motorcycling that includes training and collegiate at the Federal Technical Center of Misano, with both theoretical and practical lessons on sports practices motorcycling (speed on track, motocross, flat track and athletic training that includes both athletics exercises and bicycle training)."

Training to be the best

"2019 was my first season with 17'' wheels, in the CIV PreMoto3 250 cc, where I got all pole positions and I won many races but the most important ones have been at the last Round of CIV in Vallelunga, after an unfortunate previous round at Mugello where I fell because of my mistake in a wet race. In the 15 days that preceded the last race I understood that you must never give up and from mistakes one learns and becomes stronger!"


"My best races were in 2019 at Round 2 of the CIV at Mugello, with PreMoto3 250, because they were fought until the photo finish and I won both."


"For me the most complicated but most fun track is Imola Circuit, because it is made up of many restarts with strong accelerations, in which all the corners are spectacular and if you interpret them well as I did, especially in qualifying turn in Round 3 of CIV 2019, you can make a big difference on the other riders. Equally spectacular is Misano and fun is also Mugello..."

Mugello is fun.

"2020 will be a beautiful and challenging season. I will race for the first time in the Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup where I hope to learn the KTM 250 bike well and try to adapt quickly to the new circuits where I will race, around Europe. The goal is to grow from race to race and aim to get on the podium in a few races and try to do my best and to be reconfirmed for 2021 season because the Red Bull Rookies Cup is the best young showcase with great visibility by insiders, Teams and Sponsor."

"I will race also in CIV Moto3 - in 4 Rounds out of 6 given the clash with the races of the Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup which will have the highest priority for us and in one or two races of the CEV (Junior World Championship) in Misano on 12 of September and probably also at the last in Valencia on 7-8 of November and I hope to learn the Moto3 and improving race by race and try to win some races."

"I want to thank my family and all those who support me and believe in me, especially the Italian Motorcycle Federation that has confirmed me in 2020 in the 'Pata Talenti Azzurri FMI' for the third year in a row."

"A special thanks go to the Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup for the great opportunity is giving me after the Selection Event in Guadix on October 17th where I was selected to take part to 2020 Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup with the other new 10 out 109 riders."

Selection Event Guadix 2019

"I will try not to disappoint anyone by committing myself every day, training hard to improve myself always and I will give my best as I have always done since I was lucky enough to do this fantastic sport."

Race 2 of the Teruel GP in Aragon

"The best race of 2020 for me I think was Race 2 of the Teruel GP in Aragon, because it was one of the most battled and fun races, where I had a really good feeling with the bike. Unfortunately it did not end as I hoped, because after a contact at 3 laps to go I lost 2 seconds from the group and I was unable to fight for the race until the end."

Hard on it Aragón 2020

"In 2020 I learned a lot of things that made me grow both as a rider and as a person. Like, for example, never give up, because it is in difficult moments where you have to give your all. I met new people, new riders with whom I shared wonderful experiences such as the Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup.

2020 was different

"For 2021, I am preparing myself as best I can, to give my all to compete for every match. My goal is to keep all the races fighting for the top positions!