#5 Lorenzo Fellon

"The first time that I touched the bike was an amazing moment and I decided to start riding motorbikes and do everything that I could to be a professional rider one day."

Lorenzo Fellon

Rider bio


"I started at 5 years-old with my dad in the paddock of a Go Kart track in the South of France and Johann Zarco (my dad is his manager)."

My first time on a motorbike

"The first time that I touched the bike was an amazing moment and I decided to start riding motorbikes and do everything that I could to be a professional rider one day."

2014 my first year of racing

"I went a lot to Johann's races when he was in Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup when I was young and even after in the MotoGP paddock. I love this atmosphere."

"My dad was also a racer, but he needed to finish his career due to a lack of money. But his passion was so strong that he stayed in the motorcycle world but this time in the service road."

Hard training with the 85cc Supermoto

"My dad plays a big part in my career and also my mom. They do a lot of sacrifices to keep my dream alive. My sponsors are helping me a lot too. Also, David my physical trainer, he's helping to be a better athlete physically and mentally."


Using all the road, training on my 150

"My father's occupation is manager and coach of future racers. He creates a school named Z&F Grand Prix School to help young French riders to reach the world championship. My mother is working with my dad in Z&F Grand Prix School. She is the secretary of the school."

in 2016 I leaned a lot of things and I improoved my riding a lot

"I consider Johann Zarco like my brother. When I was young we passed a lot of time together."

"I want to be a MotoGP World Champion. In a near future I want to make good results in Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup and win it."

I had some great battles in Pre moto3 in 2017

"I've learned a lot about self-control through the 2018 season. Also, in the European Talent Cup I've learned a lot about battles, overtaking and using the rear brake."

"My best race ever was this year, in Aragon during the European Talent Cup. I started in 7th position, I made a really bad start (in the first corner I was 15th or 16th) and during the race the first group of seven riders pulled a gap on my group and I knew that I had the pace to recover this gap."

Pushing hard at Jerez - 2018

"So, I passed two guys in the last corner, one on the outside and one on the inside and I start to do my rhythm. It was a big gap between me and the first group (12 seconds). After six laps, I've recovered this gap and I was fighting for the victory. Finally, due to a crash the race has stopped, and I finished 8th at 0.7 sec from the win."

"Another of my best races of 2018 was in Catalunya where I finished 7th at 0.5 sec from the lead. It was a hard battle for the win, but finally I finished 7th."

"In 2019 I want to take a lot of experience as much as possible and continue to learn about my riding and myself. But also, I want to do some podiums and to finish in a good place in the championship standing."

With my physical coach

"My racing hero is Marc Marquez. Since I'm young I watch him on the TV and in the paddock. He's incredible, my motivation is his race in Estoril in 2010, when he crashed on the warm up lap, he started in the last position and finally won the race."

"What gives me the most satisfaction about racing is everything that's around the bike. Training hard to achieve my goals, never giving up in the hard moments and enjoy when you're winning, that excites me. I love fast corners but also tight tracks."

"My favourites subjects at school are PE because I love to excel and give my 120%, and I love English, to have an open mind. My hobbies are to train physically to be even more ready and playing football with friends to relax."