#78 Jakob Rosenthaler

"I work hard every day to prepare my body and mind for the next steps"

Jakob Rosenthaler

Rider bio

"My family played the most important role at the beginning of my career. My father came up with the idea of getting a taste of motocross. So he bought me and my sister two motocross bikes, I got mine for my fourth birthday."

2010 - I got the urge for riding motorcycles

"Both of us were immediately hooked on motorcycling. The way for a motorcycle racing career was created."

2011 - Cleaning my motorcycle after a muddy day

"I had a lot of fun right from the beginning."

2012 - My second bike - KTM 50SX

"In the first few years, I didn't ride regularly. But in 2015 I discovered my passion for riding Supermoto. I really enjoyed it. From then on, I trained regularly. I got better and started racing. In 2019, I became the Austrian Youth Supermoto Champion."

2019 - Austrian Youth Supermoto Champion

"A year earlier, my parents had made it possible for me to participate in the ADAC Mini Bike Cup 2018. One year later I was able to take my first victory. At this point it was completely clear to me. I want to become a successful motorbike racer."

2018 - Mini Bike Training

"Even now my family still plays the most important role in my career. My parents finance everything I need for the sport and go with me to trainings and races. At the track, my father prepares the bike and helps me with helpful tips, which he finds out by comparing me with other riders. This is sometimes a challenge because he has never raced a motorcycle himself. My mom helps me change to the leather and does everything to make sure we are provided at the paddock."

"My sister, Eva-Maria, stayed with motocross riding, but is always eagerly behind me, she is 6 years older than me. My dad is a male nurse graduate and my mum works in insurance."

"At school I like physical education and in my free time, Riding my bicycle, playing football, go running and training myself. My heroes are Valentino Rossi, Brad Binder and Darrin Binder."


"The Northern Talent Cup was the best thing that could have happened to me. In 2020 I was selected to compete for the podium in a field of 24 riders. I learned a lot: Firstly, I had no experience on big circuits. This has visibly changed over the course of the season, also in terms of lap times. I also had to learn to use the slipstream, which I did well. Thanks to the instructive races, I was able to fight for victory at the last event."

2020 - Looking for protection from the sun, Sachsenring

"My best race ever was the Northern Talent Cup Final 2020 in Brno. I started from P7 and could keep up with the first group. We were five riders in the first group and we fought the whole race. I was on the first position the whole last lap and got overtaken in the last curve combination. But I was so happy to be on the podium for the first time in the NTC."

"Above all, I want to gain a lot of experience in the Red Bull Rookies Cup. I want to learn to be able to push through when it gets tight in a group at the end of a race. Also, I want to improve in the qualifying because I'm still struggling to make a single lap as fast as possible. I hope that the Rookies Cup will help me improve myself in these points."

Supermoto training to get a better feeling in slippery conditions

"I think the best thing about riding a motorbike is the extreme lean angle and the precision you need to catch a corner perfectly. The feeling you get when you've caught a corner perfectly is really great."

"Working together in a team is a special feeling and it's especially nice when you change something in the setting together and the bike works really well afterwards."

"Most of all, I like combinations of corners that are slower but technically very demanding. It's one of my strengths. But I also love to find the right braking point on fast racetracks with long straights."

"My big dream is to race in the MotoGP one day. I work hard every day to prepare my body and mind for the next steps. I am very happy to have been selected for the Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup 2021 because it is a big step on the road to MotoGP."