#24 Iván Ortolá

"My family haven't played a big part in my career because they don't know much about it"

Iván Ortolá

Rider bio


 "I became interested in racing just by myself, when I was a kid I liked the bike sound. No one in my family liked bikes or racing before I was born."


"My family haven't played a big part in my career, like being my manager, because they don't know much about it. My family help me in all they can and stay by my side in all the good and bad things."


"My father comes with me to all training and races and my mother comes to all the races and she organises all the traveling. I have a sister Rebeca and she is 18 years old."

Skiing with my mum and dad

"My best race ever was in 2017, when I won the Spanish championship in Motorland Aragón, I was missing a few points to become the champion after missing 2 races."


"My best race in 2018, was again in Motorland Aragón when I was fighting for the victory in a group of 4 riders, finally I finish 3rd."

"What I learnt in 2019 is that when you are in difficult situations you have to know how to face it and move on."


"The tracks and corners that give me more satisfaction are the 'Stop and Go' corners that you have to stop the bike quickly and then open the throttle hard."

"What gives me more satisfaction in a race weekend is when you have planed an objective and you achieve it."


"At school my favourite subject is Geography and when I am not riding I like to be with friends and family. I want to become World Champion. And my hero is Valentino Rossi."

ETC 2020

"In 2020 I participated in the European Talent Cup (ETC), where I was able to finish fourth overall in my second year. I was a bit impaired by my height in that category since the bike was too small, but what I learned was to give maximum performance despite the inconvenience I had, it also helped me for the Redbull Rookies Cup competition, because the bike was bigger and could be more comfortable riding the bike."

Valencia 2020

"Also in the Redbull Rookies Cup in 2020 I was in third position in the general classification. I was able to learn many things because very fast riders and they were already competing in the Moto3 category. I learned to manage the race very well and to prepare for the last lap to be able to fight for victory."

Winning in Aragón 2020

"My best race in the ETC was Jerez where I was fighting the whole race until the last lap in the first 3 positions and finally finished third. My best race in the Redbull Rookies Cup was in Aragón where I got my first victory, which was fought until the last corner, I liked that race so much because I was able to end Pedro Acosta's winning streak."


"In 2021, I will compete in the RedBull Rookies Cup again and in the Moto3 class at the FIM, where I aspire to be fighting every race in the front group and winning a lot of races."