#56 Haruki Noguchi

"My favourite subject at school is running in P.E. This is simple and it is like fighting."

Haruki Noguchi

Rider bio


"My father was riding a motorcycle. So I often went to the circuit with him. Also I am really interested in MotoGP on TV. Then I tried to ride the Terminator Kids when I was 5 years old."

First ride in my racing life

"My parents gave me a motorbike. They supported me, bike maintenance and traveling to the races and the general cost of racing. My parents help me in all respects to ride motorcycles."

Yamaha PW50 is my first bike

"My father is a mechanic and my mother helps with food and training. I have a younger brother. He is 16 years old and he is supporting me.

Kid's bike era

At first I love a lot of sports. For example, basketball, tennis, baseball, table tennis, etc... But my favourite subject at school is running in P.E. This is simple and it is like fighting."

All Japan Minibike champion 2013

"Some of my friends, they join the school sports club, for me it is difficult to join because at the weekend I am practicing on my motorbike. But sometimes I play basketball with my friends for my physical training. Also I always training in the gym and sometimes I go cycling."

School life

"In 2017 and '18 I contested the Idemitsu Asia Talent Cup and in 2018 the All Japan Road Race Championship. I learnt that it is important to not crash in the race weekend. And I have to calm every time, it increases the time that you have on track. Last year I learnt to think about being able to manage a pace and lap time alone."

All Japan Road Race at Tskuba

"In the IATC my first win at Suzuka in 2017 was really good. It is my home track, so, there was a lot of pleasure in that."

"I am good at the slow corners like in the Suzuka 's chicane. I passed the leader in Race 1 at Suzuka in 2017. That time I made the most perfect braking in my race career. So I always remember that time."

Another good corner like the hairpin

"My best race of 2018 was in the ATC round 2 in Thailand. That's because I could control the race and keep a faster pace than the 2017 race. Then I won it."

My best win in the Idemitsu Asia Talent Cup

"For 2019 I want to race amongst the leaders and look for victory. I like to work with a team and think that it is the way to achieve the results. Of course I want to later follow my hero Marc Marquez and be the the champion in MotoGP."