#77 Filippo Farioli

My Dad was the person who most transmitted my passion for motorcycling to me

Filippo Farioli

Rider bio

"I became interested in racing when I was 5 year old, above all because I saw my dad very often ride a motorbike and watched the races on TV, so making me more and more passionate."

First MX Race 2013

"I am very lucky because I come from a motorcyclists family, my grandpa has been an Enduro Champion, my uncle has been an Enduro Champion and my father has been a Supermoto Rider."

65 cc 2016. Italian Championsip

"In 2018, with my father's support, I decide to switch from motocross to road racing, because the adrenaline that the speed gives you does not come from any other sport."

85cc 2017 Italian Championship

"The people who have always supported me and who made this possible are my Dad, my Mom and my Sister."

2017 - First time with a road racing bike

"My Dad was the person who most transmitted my passion for motorcycling to me, and he was the person who helped me the most to get here."

MiniGP 2018 CIV Junior

"He constantly took me to train to try to improve myself as often as possible, and he was the person from here I was inspired the most, if it wasn't for him I probably wouldn't be here."

"My Mom, on the other hand, was the person who matured me the most and who, since childhood, has always helped me from a scholastic point of view and who has always helped me to never stop dreaming, she is a veterinarian."

Flat track Training

"Finally my Sister Beatrice who is 16 years old, my first fan, who many times rather than make me miss something deprives herself."


"At school I like learning English and in my free time cycling and going to the gym."

MiniGP 2018 CIV Junior

Through his career Filippo has already had a good deal of success and picks out a couple his favourite races: "The 2018 MiniGP European Championship in Franciacorta (IT) when in Race 2, after a bad, start I won the race at the last corner."

First Win in PreMoto3 CIV 2019 Imola 

"My best race of 2020, was at Estoril during European Talent Cup Race 1 where after starting 9th I was fighting for the 2nd position then ended the race 5th."

European Talent Cup 2020

"Unfortunately in Race 2 at Estoril one mistake too many led to multiple fractures in my left foot. But I didn't give up and, gritting my teeth, I ran all the championship races."

European Talent Cup 2020

"The thing that gives me the most satisfaction is finding the best bike setting for my riding style working together with each of the team members, so trying to obtain the best possible results."

"My favourite tracks are: Imola, especially for the many variations and for the numerous ups and downs and the roller coaster of Portimão."

Supermoto training

"My biggest dream is to be a Champion, my heroes are James Stewart in supercross and Marc Marquez in road racing."

"My expectations for the 2021; gaining experience and trying to give my best in both championships: the Moto3 FIM CEV Repsol and Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup. I will try my best not to waste the precious opportunity."