#38 David Salvador

I also learned how to turn the bad moments in good ones

David Salvador

Rider bio


"When I was a child I had a plastic bike (motofiber) that I used to go to every part of our home."
David at a year and a half with his plastic bike

"When I was five my uncle Ismael gave me a Minibike 4.2 as a present so I started training at the "Circuito de la Princesa" taking it as a simple game without knowing that simple game was going to become in the dream of my life."

2011-Madrid Championship- Alevi B Minibikes

"My parents and my sister always come to every race to support me."

2015 - Cradle of Champions Spain Mir-140cc

"My mother is the one in charge of driving me to the bike training in Madrid."

With my parents, my great support

"Obviously they have paid all the things that I have needed during all these years like bikes, suits, helmets, travels, and all the stuff related with the races. They took care of me since I was a child until the recent days so I will be always in debt with all of them."

2016- Jarama circuit training- Spain- Mir Premoto4

"My father is a gas a air conditioner installer in his own company, Instalaciones Salvador. My mother works in a school as a monitor. I've got a sister who is 18 years old. She studies pharmacy."

2017 - Community of Madrid Championship, Minimotal Kawasaki 85cc

"My best race was in 2017 at the Jerez Circuit. The race was very tough, in a big group. In the last corner I overtook all the riders taking the lead that allowed me to win the race. Thanks to that I finished second in Spanish PreMoto3."

"I also have great memories of Albacete in 2018 and the European Talent Cup round. I started from the 26th position of the grid due to a penalty. I chased the front group and lap by lap I was getting closer from the leader. At the end of the race I finished second, just a few seconds behind the winner. It was a wet race and I enjoyed a lot doing the best comeback of my life."

2018 - Pole- European Talent Cup Honda NSF 250R- Circuito Jerez- Angel Nieto, Spain

"In 2018 I learnt how to manage a race in a complete way. I also learned how to turn the bad moments in good ones, making a great effort in strengthen my mind."

" want to work hard side by side with the Red Bull Rookies Cup Team to learn about the new circuits that I'm visiting,also I want to win. I want to be a MotoGP champion like my heroes Marc Marquez, Valentino Rossi and Jorge Lorenzo . For this I want to work hard during the whole season, learning and enjoying with every step that I take."

2018 - Jerez-European Talent Cup- Honda NSF 250R

"I like circuits with fast corners and hard braking, ups and downs and with a technical part. I get the most satisfaction when the hard work that I do together with my team ends with a good result."

"I want to be a World Champion, that's why I work hard every day of my life to achieve that goal. At School my favourite thing is Physical education because it helps me keeping fit and I can learn and have fun doing sports."

2016 - Surfing

"In my free time I like cycling, water sports, playing soccer with my friends and listening to music."

Rookies Cup means chatting in English to people from all over the world - Aragon 2019

"In 2019 I learnt how to improve the management of the races, I reached a better English level and I developed my communication with the suspension technician."

Racing Carlos Tatay at the front in Misano

"I had the opportunity of participating in races in new circuits and I could see how my rivals Carlos Tatay and Yuki Kunii performed to learn more about them and from them."

On the way to win number one in Aragón 2019

"My favourite race was Aragon because I got a win there after the hard work during the whole season. It was a really fun race but also difficult because we were many riders in the front group. I knew how to manage it to get the win therefore my first Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup win is a great memory."

That great feeling

"In 2020 I expect to fight for the Championship title becasue I'm training very hard in the pre season and I'm getting ready for the new year, taking care of all the details that races involve and improving the weak points from last season. "

Keep training

"I think that I will be able to be one of the riders that will be fighting for the Rookies crown."