#64 David Muñoz

"I'm the roadrunner"

David Muñoz

Rider bio


"My grandfather really motivated me a couple years ago and my parents are helping with everything."

"My folks have always loved Moto GP. They encouraged me to start learning how to ride a motorbike. I think I was 4 years old."


"My father works at an orange factory in my town and my mother picks oranges in the country, I have got one sister, she's 19."


Alex has the support of his family and a clear vision: "I want to become a world champion."


He has already tasted plenty of success and picks out a favourite race. "That would be two years ago in Motorland, in Zaragoza. Out of twelve riders I was the lucky one to win the race."


"My best race of 2018 was that of ETC in the Motorland circuit. It was my first victory in the championship, and I arrive after a lot of work."

"I learnt a lot in 2019, now I´m more aware of the things I can do with the bike and how to convert my thoughts into action."

"In 2020 I want to continue gradually with improving my skills and gaining more experience. My favourite sections are blind corners and the braking zone. I love racing and working with the team to get the best out of the bike and myself."

Training for the 2021 season

When he's not on a race bike he loves to go cycling. At school he enjoys maths but his dream is to follow his hero Maverick Viñales.


"My best race of 2020 was undoubtedly the second round in Valencia where I took the two victories. I enjoyed that weekend a lot, because in free time it was hard for us to go fast since the bike was not to my liking, in timed training I classified as far forward as possible where I had to get used to the bike, I started in P10."


"That weekend I made some incredible starts and in the first corner he is in P3. I fought during the two races to be as far ahead as possible and some incredible last laps!!"


"In 2020 I learned to focus more on my work and manage the races in a better way, and above all to enjoy riding the bike, which is the most important thing."


"In 2021 I hope to enjoy and try to win the championship, which is what we are going for, but above all to go race by race and enjoy each one of them!"