#45 Clément Rougé

I love big bends with the elbow on the ground

Clément Rougé

Rider bio


"My father made a lot of motocross but I preferred the track so in 2015 we bought a Moriwaki to start learning how to shift."

My first big circuit tests 4 months after starting the bike


"In 2015 2016 and 2017 I raced with my father's team and my father and I went on the circuits, then late in 2018 I joined Team CIP so far this year but my father continues to encourage me."

My First podium in 2015

"My father and mother are both entrepreneurs. I have a little sister, she is 11. At school I enjoy Sport and History and I love to play sports and my friends."

Moto3 Junior World Championship 2017

"I want to win the Red Bull Rookies Cup and the Junior World Championship in 2019 but I will have to work hard. Then I for the other years I want to go in Grand Prix, starting in the Moto3 class. Then move on up to MotoGP like my hero Valentino Rossi."

My best result in 2016, 3rd place in QP and a 5th place in the race in the Spainish PreMoto3 Championship

"My best ever race was in Navarra, Spain in the PreMoto3 Championship of 2016. I was 3rd in Qualifying and 5th in the race after only 1 year and a half of competition."

European Talent Cup 2018

"The best race of 2018 was Barcelona, in the European Talent Cup. I Qualified 7th and finished 11th in the race. Qualifying for the Red Bull Rookies Cup is my best memory on 2018 though."

Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup Selections 2018 in Guadix

"I love everything about bikes, being in the paddocks take care of my motorcycle working with the team, giving everything when on the bike. I like to win, to fight to be in the lead of a group, do interiors and many other things but what I like most is the joy after making a good result at the box with a smile."

Beginning of the year 2016

"I love big bends with the elbow on the ground."

Spain Championship Premoto3 with Carlos Tatay and Lorenzo Fellon

"I want to continue to improve myself as I have been doing since 2015, to learn new things, to surpass myself and I especially love to ride the KTM."