#99 Carlos Tatay

"When I was a child I saw a MotoGP race and I was really impressed with the riders"

Carlos Tatay

Rider bio


"When I was a child I saw a MotoGP race and I was really impressed with the riders. After that, I asked my parents if I can do the same like the MotoGP riders, at that time I had a eye patch and my parents said, "When the eye doctor take your patch off, we will enrol you on a riders school". Two months later I had the patch removed and my parents enroled me in the riders school."


"When I was a kid on the circuit that my father made in my grandparents' field. It's 2009, one of my first photos with a motorcycle"

"All my family have helped in every step I've made. But I need to thank my parents because they've been there in all the moments I needed them. In the bad moments, going with me to training, with me in them relaxing days at holidays, and helping me in all the situations."

"In my first motorcycling championship, 2009 with a Polini minibike"

Carlos doesn't have brothers or sisters, his father is a baker and and his mum was a hairdresser but now looks after the family, of course he is still at school. "My favourite subject is Physical Education and Mathematics. I like sports in general, but I really enjoy practicing mountain bike."

"With my mother at the Almenara circuit in 2010"

"One of my dreams would be taking part in the Motorcycle World Championship, I think that's the objective for all the riders. But for now, I wish would do my best each race, and then put what I have learned into practice."

"My first victory in the Moriwaki Junior Cup at Hockenheim, Germany in 2015"

Carlos enjoys "stop-and-go corners and some fast ones". He is determined to follow his racing heroes Maverick Viñales, Marc Márquez and Johann Zarco.

"RFME CEV in 2015 riding for the Ajevo Racing Team"

"Last year I have improved in group races, and taking benefit from the work done during the weekend with the team; telemetric, technical, etc."


"RFME CEV in 2016 riding for the Ajevo Racing Team"

"I think my best race ever was last year at the European Talent Cup at Jerez, where I was riding as Wild Car with the HMA Racing Team. The second race was a very difficult battle with 10 riders on the same group."

"RFME CEV in 2017 riding for the Aspar Team"

"I was all the race at the middle of the group and when only four laps were left, I started pushing and I placed myself at the top positions arriving at the last turn 2nd, so I tried to pass the rider in front of me as I haven't anything to lose. Finally I crossed the finish line in 3rd position."

"European Talent Cup at Jerez, 2017 was a very difficult year so being in podium was very satisfying for me."

"For me the Rookies Cup is a very important opportunity, I'm so satisfied because I've been working for many years to get into the series."

Getting the work done at the Rookies Cup Selection Event, Almeria 2017

"I want to learn as much as possible during each event and gain experience together with the other participants. I think that working a lot with the team is essential for getting on the podium or for achieve your objective."


Celebrating Rookies Cup Selection with the other new Rookies 2017 

2018 was a year were I learned lots of things about Motorsport Racing.

At the beginning of the year a I started riding an European Talent Cup bike, were I achieved a fourth and fifth position. When we arrived to Barcelona, for the 3rd race of the FIM CEV Repsol Championship, my team gave me the opportunity of riding a KTM Moto3 bike, and from their I completed the championship.

In my first race of Moto3 I achieved the 14th position getting my first point of the championship, afterwards, I finished in Jerez in the 7th position, and I finally end the year in Valencia fighting in the first group. As I said before it was a year where I learned a lot, and I make a good progression working a lot with my team.

For 2019, I'm keen on doing my best in each race, also to try not repeating my "Rookie" mistakes from last year, and finally try to repeat the things I did in a good way.

Race 2 podium in Jerez - 2018

For this, I need to remember and analyse race by race and try to get the maximum information from them.

Battling for the lead in Jerez 1 2018


last year my best race in the Rookies Cup was without doubt the second race of Jerez, where after a great and funny battle with other riders, I won the race. And also, the weekend from which I need to learn more is the one in the Sachsenring.

Back at the front in Aragon - 2018