#88 Artem Maraev

Artem Maraev

Rider bio


"I became interested in motorcycle racing when my father took part in the Russian Superbike Championship and was the champion for the first time."

"Then I decided that I wanted to be engaged professionally."


"My father is now a landscape designer, I have a sister, she is 16 years old."


"My best race was the first in my life. At that time I ride mini-moto and took second place from the very first race. And I was the only kid against adults. I will never forget it."

Cuna de Campeones Valencia 2014

"In 2018, I learned to use my potential in various situations in which I need it."

"My best race of 2018 was at the Motorsport Arena Oschersleben in the ADAC Junior Cup, on this day I had some problems with my motorcycle and I had to start the race from the pitlane, in the end I took second place and only because of that, that in this race I was able to show all the power."


"For 2019 I want to take a place in the top five leaders in the Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup. It will not be easy, but that's my goal and after now I think I can do it.My racing hero is Marc Marquez and I also want to be MotoGP World Champion."


"I like racing when I can get the most out of myself and the bike. Sometimes when everything goes on, I feel confidence with my bike and my passion I feel like im unstoppable and nothing can hold me. I enjoy this moments and work hard to feel it as much as possible."

"I really like the big fast tracks with long and lingering turns."

"My favourite subject at school is Computer Science. In my free time I study programming and playing video games."

""For the last 4 years I was training with my team in Russia, my partner is the only guy my age in Russia doing motorcycle racing. We just train and race against adults and in 2018 we joined ADAC Junior Cup and I became a champion in a rookie year with no racing in Europe previously."

"Motocross and ice racing in also a necessary part of our training program. We have good MX track in Moscow with a good lightning and i can make laps after school when its already dark. (On the photo I'm together with my friend and teammate Alex Vasilev, he is fast but this year grows as tall as giraffe and doesnt fit moto3 and 300cc bikes, he will ride 600cc next year)."


"Passing the Rookies Cup Selection Event was a very big next step in my life. Now I understand that nothing is impossible, it's just passion, work and goals. See you on tracks in 2019. Follow me."