Myles Wasley

Selection Event Blog | Myles Wasley to Guadix then back to Mallory Park

Myles Wasley - Stonehouse, Gloucestershire, United Kingdom - 21/05/2001

Hi Everyone,
My name is Myles Wasley I am 13 years old and live Stonehouse, Gloucestershire in the UK.
I have been racing since I was 7 years old and to get invited to trial for Red Bull Rookies is one of my career highlights so far.
My school is very important to me and everyone there is very supportive of my racing.
I ride to school every day on my road bike and evenings and weekends to build endurance and my school let me use the gym and a trainer to work on my core strength and cardio.
I might be small but I am very fit and strong :)
I ride my 125 as often as I can on track and try to ride anything two wheels as much as possible to keep bike fit. Motocross and trials I also enjoy.
My Dad and I are travelling to Malaga from the UK and driving to Guadix this Sunday and on our return next Friday we go straight to Mallory Park for the last round of Thundersport where I hope to finish the year 3rd overall in the Aprilia Superteen Nitro Cup.
I can't wait to meet all the Red Bull staff and spend some time with fellow riders from around the globe.
Myles Wasley #8