Pedro Acosta

#RookiesRule and Acosta Rules the Rookies – He explains how

The Grand Prix of Aragón was an incredible event for Rookies past and present.

Not only did Pedro Acosta win an unprecedented 6th straight Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup race to lock out the first half of the season but ex Rookies were also in fantastic form. Alumni occupied 6 of the 9 Grand Prix podium positions and ex Rookies now lead both the MotoGP and Moto2 World Championships.

Not surprisingly the applications for the 2021 Cup are flooding in with the world's fastest youngsters keen to put themselves on the Rookies Radar and take the Road to Rookies Cup.

The second half of the 2020 Rookies Cup season starts this weekend with Aragón 2, the Grand Prix of Teruel, and we have another two thrilling 15 lap races.

Of course the question is: who can better Acosta? At the moment there is no sign that anyone can. So far the 16-year-old Spaniard has been error free and in Race 2 last weekend no one was even close enough to put him under pressure.

Acosta on top of his game

Naturally he is full of confidence. "Even before the season I have been working on the mentality as well as the physical side and I have good people around me."

"My manager Albert Valera said to me before the season started: 'You can be fast on any bike.' I have adjusted myself mentally so that I can do it."

"Last year when Tatay won 3 or 4 races in a row I thought that I was the second rider here but I realised this that year that I need to go faster than the other riders in every practice. I have learnt to be fast in all conditions, to do it every time. That is important."

"I think I win the race before it starts. If I end up behind in Qualifying, I'm still be happy because I know that I can be in the top group. I just know what I can do in all the tracks."

Acosta on a top bike

That confidence is not just in himself but also in the KTM RC 250 R.

"Last year I can tell you that it was a difficult bike but this year I think I have the control and I can do anything that I want."

Acosta did not have an easy start to 2020 though. "I broke my leg so I couldn't train for about a month but then I was lucky, with the late start to the season I had 3 months to recover and I was even more determined to train. I did the maximum."

"I trained cycling, dirt track, motocross, all the normal physical activities. So I think I started the year in very good physical condition."

Acosta with a top plan

"My plan next year is to do the World Championship with the KTM. I think we can do good results in the middle and last part of the 2021 season. This year I think that riding in Moto3 is not possible, there are no wild cards because of the Covid but I think that I am already prepared for the World Championship this year."