Joan Mir

Future World Champions - Almeria Rookies Cup Selection Event

Following in the footsteps of World Champions Johann Zarco, Danny Kent, Brad Binder and perhaps Joan Mir a new group of potential stars will show their skills next week around the Almeria circuit at the Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup Selection Event.

From around the World, 109 riders from 31 different nations, from Russia to Laos, from Argentina and India to Austria, the best young riders have been invited to assemble as they do every year for three days of track action. Split into two lists, one for Tuesday October 17th and one for Wednesday October 18th, each rider has the chance to show their abilities. A smaller list is then compiled of those invited back for more track time on Thursday October 19th.

The very few

At the end of the three days a much smaller list of around ten riders will be invited to join the Rookies Cup for 2018 to race the KTM RC 250 Rs alongside those remaining from last season.

This year more than half the Moto3 World Championship grid has been made up of ex Rookies and at times they have packed the podium places. Ex Rookie Joan Mir currently leads the title chase by 80 points with four races remaining, he could make it a run of three ex Rookie World Champions in a row.

The 12th Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup season will start next year in Jerez at the Spanish Grand Prix with some of this year's applicants taking a big step towards their dream of World Championship glory.

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Make your favoured applicant stand out at the Selection Event by giving him the Golden Bib. Copy their name from the list bellow and paste it in the comment section of the Facebook post. This is the only way to vote.

The most popular applicant by the deadline of Sunday October 15th at 6pm Central European Time will wear the Golden Bib at the Selection event in Almeria - October 17, 18,19.

This does not influence the selection of riders to the Rookies Cup but it is a great way of showing your support for your favourite. #RookiesRule

Invited Riders

Petr Akimov (Russia)
Adael Alarcon (Guatemala)
Pasquale Alfano (Italy)
Joaquin Allivellatore (Argentina)
Tomás Alonso (Portugal)
Victor Alonso Rodilla (Spain)
Kaywan Alves Freira Da Costa (Brazil)
Davide Baldini (Italy)
Luca Balona (South Africa)
Barry Baltus (Belgium)
Elia Bartolini (Italy)
Joshua Bauer (Germany)
Till Benedikt Belczykowski (Germany)
Matteo Bertelle (Italy)
Ruben Bijman (Netherlands)
Jackson Blackmon (United States)
Daniel Blin (Poland)
Daan Alexander Booij (Netherlands)
Thomas Brianti (Italy)
Guilherme Brito (Brazil)
Jeffrey Buis (Netherlands)
Javier Castro (Guatemala)
Luca Correia Coccioni (South Africa)
Max Cook (Britain)
Nicolas Czyba (Germany)
Nicholas D'addorio Spinelli (Italy)
Gabriel Da Silva (United States)
Liam Dafors (Sweden)
Jamie Davis (Britain)
Luca De Vleeschauwer (Belgium)
Alvaro Diaz Cebrian (Spain)
Rick Dunnik (Netherlands)
Jason Philippe Dupasquier (Switzerland)
Pablo Echeverry (Colombia)
Toni Erhard (Germany)
Guillem Erill Trallero (Spain)
Alex Escrig Reche (Spain)
Vincent Falcone (France)
Ned Faulkhead (Australia)
Raffaele Fusco (Italy)
Aaron Garcia (Spain)
Dirk Geiger (Germany)
Julian Giral (Spain)
Mauro Gonzalez Rojas (Spain)
Diego Goretti (Italy)
Matthieu Gregorio (France)
Marco Gronmayer (Austria)
Izan Guevara Bonnin (Spain)
Aaron Gunawardena (Sri Lanka)
Jaden Gunawardena (Sri Lanka)
Brian David Hart (Britain)
Jack Hart (Britain)
Jake Hayes (Canada)
Freddie Heinrich (Germany)
Nicolas Hernandez (Colombia)
Ferran Hernandez Moyano (Spain)
Adrian Huertas Del Olmo (Spain)
Iñigo Iglesias Bravo (Spain)
Dino Iozzo (South Africa)
Simon Jespersen (Denmark)
Damian Jigalov (United States)
Guillaume Jucha (France)
Joel Kelso (Australia)
Brenden Ketelsen (United States)
Toby Khamsouk (Laos)
Oliver König (Czech Republic)
David Kubáň (Czech Republic)
Jake LeClair (Canada)
Aidan Liebenberg (South Africa)
Artem Maraev (Russia)
Nikols Marfurt (Italy)
Alex Millan Gomez (Spain)
István Molnár (Hungary)
Stefano Nepa (Italy)
Jack Nixon (Britain)
Oscar Nuñez Roldán (Spain)
Scott Ogden (Britain)
Leon Orgis (Germany)
Dion Otten (Netherlands)
Ricardo Otto (South Africa)
Xavier Paradis (Canada)
Miguel Parra Martínez (Spain)
Matteo Patacca (Italy)
Lewis Paterson (Britain)
Ionnis-Konstantinos Peristeras (Greece)
Bartholomé Perrin (France)
Wildan Putra (Indonesia)
Paul Robert (France)
Nil Roig (Spain)
Clément Rougé (France)
Jenny Ruokolainen (Finland)
David Salvador Gómez (Spain)
Patrick Santos Costa (Portugal)
Galip Satici (Netherlands)
Aaron Schaefer (Germany)
Max Schmidt (Germany)
Fenton Seabright (Britain)
Max Smith (South Africa)
Bahattin Sofuoğlu (Turkey)
Leonardo Taccini (Italy)
Carlos Tatay (Spain)
Carlos Torrecilla Urban (Spain)
Lennart Ulbel (Austria)
Taric Van Der Merwe (South Africa)
Billy Van Eerde (Australia)
Israel Vanlalhruaizela (India)
Colin Velthuizen (Netherlands)
Tristan Walch (Austria)
Micky Winkler (Germany)