Brad Binder Selection Event

Finding the next Brad Binder – Rookies Cup Selection Event in Guadix

Those who want to follow in Moto3 World Champion Brad Binder's footsteps are lining up at Guadix in Spain next week for the eleventh Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup Selection Event on October 18th, 19th and 20th.

For the second year running, an ex Rookie has won the Moto3 World Title and with last year's Moto2 World Champion, ex Rookie, Johann Zarco moving up to MotoGP the alumni are now spread across the World Championship classes.

117 riders from an incredible 32 nations, from Sri Lanka to South Africa, Russia to Venezuela, have been invited and over the three days they will be able to show off their skills on the 125cc Metrakit bikes used for the event just as Brad Binder did, pictured above. Based on their performance, a panel of experts will draw up a short list of those to be invited to join the Rookies Cup for 2017 to ride the fabulous KTM RC 250 R Moto3 machines in 13 races across Europe.

Get involved: As last year, anyone can vote on our Facebook Page for their favourite applicant. All they have to do is to write the name of the young man or young woman into the comments of this post. Also share it with friends on Facebook so they can comment as well and boost the rider's rating.

This does not influence the selection of riders to the Rookies Cup but it is a great way of showing your support for your favourite applicant and the winner gets to wear the Golden Bib at the Selection Event. Voting closes on Sunday October 16th at 6pm Central European Time and votes will be counted as of that time.

Here is the full list of invited riders:

Brandon Paasch - America
Gabriel Da Silva - America
Johm Michael Ramos - America
Kevin Nolde - America
Joel Kelso - Australia
Ned Faulkhead - Australia
Reid Battye - Australia
Lennart Ulbel - Austria
Manuel Hechl - Austria
Marvin Maislinger - Austria
Maximilian Kofler - Austria
Sasha de Vits - Belgium
Davi Gomide - Brazil
Eliton Gohara Kawakami - Brazil
Meikon Yuji Gohara Kawakami - Brazil
Nicolás Hernández Salazar - Colombia
David Kubáň - Czech Republic
Oliver König - Czech Republic
Petr Svoboda - Czech Republic
Simon Jespersen - Denmark
Kevin Olmedo - El Salvador
Peetu Paavilainen - Finland
Andy Verdoïa - France
Aurel Nyul-Verlaque - France
Ilan Peron - France
Ludovic Cauchi - France
Matthieu Gregorio - France
Samuel Di Sora - France
Vincent Falcone - France
Dirk Geiger - Germany
Jan-Ole Jähnig - Germany
Paul Fröde - Germany
Aaron Wright - Great Britain
Charlie Nesbitt - Great Britain
Dan Jones - Great Britain
Eliot Pinson - Great Britain
Jack Scott - Great Britain
Max Cook - Great Britain
Scott Swann - Great Britain
Storm Stacey - Great Britain
Taylor Fox Moreton - Great Britain
Thomas Strudwick - Great Britain
Máté Laczkó - Hungaria
Sachin Singh Bijaypal Singh Chaudhary - India
Ali Baseri - Iran
Rhys Irwin - Ireland
Alessandro Arcangeli - Italy
Davide Baldini - Italy
Gabriele Esposito - Italy
Gabriele Giannini - Italy
Gabriele Valentino - Italy
Leonardo Taccini - Italy
Lorenzo Bartalesi - Italy
Matteo Ripamonti - Italy
Nicola Bernabè - Italy
Pasquale Alfono - Italy
Raffaele Fusco - Italy
Riccardo Rossi - Italy
Stefano Nepa - Italy
Thomas Brianti - Italy
Thomas Rossi - Italy
Elia Bartolini - Italy
Luis Fernando Brena López - Mexico
Bibi Damen - Netherlands
Dion Otten - Netherlands
Finn De Bruin - Netherlands
Glenn van Straalen - Netherlands
Jeffrey Buis - Netherlands
Loran Faber - Netherlands
Rick Dunnik - Netherlands
Ruben Bijman - Netherlands
Troy Jacob Alberto - Philippines
Daniel Blin - Poland
Piotr Biesiekirski - Poland
Bruna Filipa Jacinto Lopes - Portugal
Artem Maraev - Russia
Petr Akimov - Russia
Bor Klemenc - Slovenia
Brandon Staffen - South Africa
Jared Schultz - South Africa
Luca Correia Coccioni - South Africa
Max Smith - South Africa
Savannah Woodward - South Africa
William Friend - South Africa
Adam Iñiguez Guzman - Spain
Adrian Huertas Del Olmo - Spain
Adrian Carrasco - Spain
Alex Pérez Viadel - Spain
Antonio Sanchez Yebenes - Spain
Beatriz Neila Santos - Spain
Eduard Melgar - Spain
Ekaitz Uria Sanchez - Spain
Ferran Hernandez Moyano - Spain
Francisco Gomez Requena - Spain
Francisco Sanchez Ramis - Spain
Guillem Erill Trallero - Spain
Inigo Iglesias Bravo - Spain
Ivan Miralles Rodriguez - Spain
Joan Uvina Marti - Spain
Jon Ander Barbero Varona - Spain
Jorge Hernandez Rodriguez - Spain
Jose Luis Perez Gonzalez - Spain
Julian Giral Romero - Spain
Miguel Parra Martínez - Spain
Paula Guixeres Valvera - Spain
Xavier Artigas López - Spain
Aaron Gunawardena - Sri Lanka
Jaden Gunawardena - Sri Lanka
Udesh Shehara Silva Devundara Liyana Waduge - Sri Lanka
Philip Johansson - Sweden
Jason Dupasquier - Switzerland
Lee Doti - Switzerland
Roy Doti - Switzerland
Bahattin Sofuoglo - Turkey
Can Alexander Öncü - Turkey
Deniz Elias Öncü - Turkey
Angelo Paolo Franco Gajardo - Venezuela

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