Distance from Beach | four points

At the end of the Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup season in Brno, Sturla Fagerhaug and JD Beach had reason to celebrate. The Norwegian secured his first victory in the last race of the season; the American saved four points and collected the overall title.

At the second edition of the Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup, 24 talented motorcyclists from the ages of 12 to 17 took their first step towards realizing their big dream of a MotoGP career. And the biggest step was taken by American JD Beach, who left his rivals, who came from a total of 17 countries, behind him after ten races.

Blessing in disguise

But it has to be said that the last racing weekend didn’t quite run according to plan for the Red Bull rookie. In the race on Saturday he only made 11th place; in Sunday’s, he even dropped out. Usually no reason for the 16-year-old to get gushy. But this time, Beach’s results were enough to get him the Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup victory.

Support from Fagerhaug

'On the heels of a technical defect, I thought I’d lost the cup,’ Beach said. For his biggest rival, Luis Salom, a second place in the last race would have been enough to secure him the Rookie of the season title after the retirement of the American. But Beach was lucky. In the Czech Republic, Norwegian Sturla Fagerhaug beat the Brit Matthew Hoyle, while Salom had to be happy with third place. ‘Coming third is usually good, but this time it wasn’t enough,’ the Spaniard said. ‘Four wins in one season might be great, but I wanted the cup,’ he continued, after he missed out on winning overall by a mere four points.

Celebration for Beach

Beach, on the other hand, racing to first place once, and bagging second five times, was more than happy. ‘It’s unbelievable to have won the cup in my second season on a road racing motorbike,’ he said. ‘But even if it hadn’t turned out that way, it was a good season, in which I gained a lot of experience,’ said the AMA Dirt Track National 2006 champion, who competed in his first road race for the first time in 2007 in Jerez.