Zonta van den Goorbergh

Blog | Zonta van den Goorbergh's November full of racing! So a good month!

Hi everyone,

November was a busy and hectic month – full of racing! So a good month!

In November I went to the ECT race in Valencia, my qualifying was really good so I was 18th on the grid!


I had a good start, but in the second lap someone hit me and I went into the gravel, luckily I did not crash and I could continue the race. From last but at least I wasn't out.... I rode from place 44 to 27.


After the ETC race I went to Almeria and Andalucía for 5 days of testing with the Speedweek - a week organized by former GP racer and now MotoGP team Manager Wilco Zeelenberg.


We rode 3 days at Almeria. It was a hard track to be fast on, so it was really fun. Michael van den Mark, World Superbike rider, was there too and he helped me to go faster, that was even more fun!


After one rest day – that happened to be my birthday! - we went to Andalucía, again it was a difficult track because there were some bumps in the track that made it harder to brake and to be fast in the corners, but again the riding was good and it was great to be there for that week!


Now I am back home and I will be getting back on track with school first to then have two weeks off as our Christmas break. Looking forward to that.


These December weeks I will be training with my trainer and then the pace and intensity will increase after Christmas to prepare myself for my Red Bull Rookies bike!

Chat soon,