Zonta van den Goorbergh

Blog | Zonta van den Goorbergh working, racing hard and ready for Mugello

Hi Everyone,

It feels like ages ago and still is only a few weeks since I was in Jerez for the first Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup race in Jerez and In Valencia for the second race of the ETC!


We first went to Valencia - the free practices were tough in Valencia, I had a bit of bad luck and a crash! But still managed to qualify well but my place on the grid did not show it. I was 26th on the grid – I wasn't happy with that 'cause if I was in the other group then I would've been around 15th.


The first race I battled to the 16th position and held that position for a long time but on the last lap I was overtaken ... In his slipsteam I finished 17th by 0.0012! That must have been my closest finish so far!

The second race I was battling in a group, was leading the group for while and then managed to pull away a bit. I was 17th again!

All in all happy about the races.


In Jerez we didn't get much track time. The first free practice went well, I was 17th and had a great feeling straight away! I tried to go faster during the second free practice and to feel what the bike was doing and that resulted in an amazing p14!


I was ready for qualifying and was looking forward to it, I wanted to do well. That did not go as planned.... I rode 3 laps in the qualification, already 3 good laps. I was pushing in lap 4 and my sector times were 1 second faster than my fastest lap at that moment.


Then in the fast right hander (the second one, turn 12) somebody hit me in the back, I had the biggest highsider ever! I was lucky to get away with nothing too serious. I owe a big, big THANK YOU to Alpinestars as their leathers kept me safe during the hard crash.


I couldn't ride the qualifying anymore so had to deal with the position – but too be honest, I was happy I could race! I was sore and bruised but still managed to ride the 2 races.


Race 1 was really good, even with pain in my neck and knee but a amazing 13th position was the result! Second race I finished p14, again a really good race, after the Saturday much better then expected!


After Jerez we went home and I basically went straight to school! There was a lot to do, we are in our last weeks before the summer break. Thankfully we also managed to plan some practice time, I went to a local kart track a day to train on my 'small' bike. My friends were there to race the next day so I stayed the night with my friend Kjen and spent the Saturday watching them race.


You can imagine I would have preferred to race myself but if I cant then spending a day with friends on a race track is the next best thing!

The week after my dad and I went to Almeria for a practice weekend so all in all, there was not much time for school.

In between all this I was invited to attend a TV show – it was a live show and my first ever!


I am looking forward to Mugello, I have never been there before so a new track! We do not get a lot of track time but I will for sure do everything to get the best result as possible!

Chat soon,