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Blog | Zonta van den Goorbergh - Is the winter over yet??

Hi Everyone,

It has been a while since my last blog – is it too late to wish you all the best for the new year? I have been working hard at making the new year my best year ever! Since November, when road racing for the Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup and ETC stopped for the 2018 season.


I took it easy for a week or so and then started working on 2020. Gym, MTB, Supermotard, trial riding and whatever I could think of that was fun to do!


The winter has been quiet with regards to road racing – that's why we shifted to Supermotard for a few weeks.


It is easier, as to race we have to go to Spain and for a Supermotard we can go to Assen or Franchorchamps.


We try to plan these days with friends, it is always fun to be out with my friends and when they couldn't make it, there was time to go see them and do other fun things like gaming or karting!


Also, school has been a bit of a focus since I was home – not my most fave thing to do! But a bit of catching up before the new season starts!


Another reason we haven't spent any time in Spain is because my Dad competed in the Dakar Rally in Saudi Arabia in January with an SxS! They made it to the finish!


All this is fun but let's be honest; racing is what I want to do and I can not wait to get back on the bike!

Chat soon,