Zonta van den Goorbergh

Blog | Zonta van den Goorbergh talks Valencia in his last Blog

Hello everyone,

The season is over! It has been such a weird season due to all the Covid-19 restrictions.

Great food in Spain on our last trip

Who would ever have thought we would do back-to-back races, that we would be having to do tests before entering the paddock and that we were not allowed to shake hands for example?


Exploring and exercise

But everybody made the best of it! It was different but we got used to it so quickly and were so happy to be racing!
Valencia wasn't my easiest weekend, I had a good Qualifying; P7. A red flag in the beginning of the session did not help and I felt I could've got top 5 if we did not have that .....I felt strong!


It was great to have a good feeling with the bike after struggling the whole season. During practice I felt easier and more comfortable with every lap I rode and I was happy being out.


In the races something with my bike didn't work properly so it was quite slow, so you will understand I was not so happy then, but these things can happen, that's racing.


This blog is my last for the Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup.


I have learned so much these past 2 years in the Rookies Cup, I cant thank the crew enough! The organizers, the management, the mechanics, the riders – I can name them all as every individual has helped to make these two seasons special, unforgettable and they have all helped me to develop as a rider and as a person.

Thank you all so much!


Next year I will not be riding the Rookies Cup because we want to focus on the Junior World Championship where I will be competing in 2021. We decided to focus on this calendar and this bike.

I will miss talking to you guys, but if you'd like to follow my route to MotoGP, follow my Instagram where I will always keep you up to date! (my name on Instagram is Zonta_84)

Bye bye...